68 companies were 340 thousand domain name fee fraud

webmaster network reported on October 21st: "Hello, here is the international Internet Center China renewals vertical net customer service department, your company’s domain name expires soon, please timely renewals, you will not be able to continue to use." In three months, the company received countless similar telephone fraud, these calls are made in Xiamen, of which 68 companies after receiving the call obediently to each other into a total of more than 342 thousand yuan of the "domain name fee".

days ago, Siming District Court of first instance of the fraud case verdict, 17 fraudsters sentenced, among them, 24 year old principal Wu was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment and fined 100 thousand yuan.

cheated 68 companies in

for three months

2007 July day, a Hangzhou company suddenly received a notice of "domain renewal" call, the person claiming to be registered to renew service Internet Information Center certification, said the Hangzhou company for English domain Internet information center supporting Chinese presented a domain name, the domain name Chinese will soon expire, only to renew can continue to use, the Hangzhou company is not suspected of fraud, and then it will be 2500 yuan into the account designated by the other party. Soon, the company was found cheated, the so-called Chinese domain name is false.

Two days after

, Shishi company also received the same call, and other accounts to import 2500 yuan. In three months, a total of 68 companies cheated, hand in 2500 yuan to 10 thousand yuan "domain name fee", the company located in Zhejiang, Sichuan, Shanghai, Hunan, Jiangsu, Beijing, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Hubei and other provinces.

fraud work three step

November 21, 2007, the public security personnel after receiving the alarm, the impact of the Xiamen Network Technology Co. Ltd., and arrested 16 people involved, most of the staff are inexperienced young people, including 5 people under the age of 18, some of them are just graduated, in Xiamen Network Technology Co. Ltd. is the first job, just the company’s intern. Soon, police officers and arrested in front of the police station to inquire about the news of the wu.

according to Wu confessed, in June 27, 2007, he registered "Xiamen Network Technology Co., Ltd., rent Luling Road, a house, and the recruiting and training of 16 employees of telephone fraud. The staff from the Internet to find the random contact method of each company, registration services and renewals posing as an international Internet Network Information Center certification, telephone companies "domain renewal" telephone fraud.

all employees to receive pre job training, and fraud work according to the online search contact – – according to the outline of the phone conversation – to guide remittances three steps. Staff completed the three step, the work is over, and the rest of the registration of the domain name will be done by Wu himself.