Tencent online shopping business to marry Jingdong let us see which way killed three

with the formal integration of Tencent electricity supplier and Jingdong, QQ online shopping will be gradually incorporated into Jingdong POP (open) platform in the next period of time. The Jingdong has to continue to pat the platform to continue to operate their own businesses. But the change of QQ online shopping has become a major earthquake this year’s electricity supplier. 99 images from eighty-one to the Tencent Jingdong not marry online shopping, this is enough to make the Jingdong Tencent head. Let us see this.

is the first difficulty: business dissatisfaction move. The Jingdong intends to dissolve Tencent: Tencent think online shopping to find a good home, but it was just incorporated into the Jingdong reshuffle. Jingdong certainly can not accept Tencent online shopping businesses, moving businesses caused by the collective boycott. Large number of sellers in Sina and other platforms, said dissatisfaction with the move policy, compensation for the loss of compensation for breach of contract, such as micro-blog. A platform seller said Jingdong settlement cycle is much higher than Tencent online shopping, business operators have a lot of pressure. In addition, after the merger of Jingdong, the seller in Tencent online shopping accumulated sales ranking, word of mouth comments, shops and other related resources will not exist. In addition, QQ online shopping when the early margin is 50 thousand, the Jingdong is 10 thousand, more than 40 thousand margin will return to the seller

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second difficult: businesses looking for Tencent to discuss. Because businesses refund of deposit and other demands, according to Tencent merchants fear trouble, has several big sellers QQ group Tencent. But it is said that the move makes some businesses even more angry, they even have plans to organize the Tencent and the office of the Jingdong to discuss the clear statement. If the Tencent online shopping sellers gathered, how to face the stampede in the business, that is a big problem in the Tencent and the Jingdong head.

three: Tencent left unclear stakeholders. Tencent shares of Jingdong, to integrate the electricity supplier’s business and Jingdong, originally thought that can be easily shuaishouzhanggui, away from the quagmire of electricity. Tencent stake in Jingdong, is the right to vote to Liu Qiangdong, which makes the right to vote from 40.4% to the growth of the number of Liu Qiangdong, Jingdong became the first person to absolute. Therefore, the Tencent of the electricity supplier, only for profit, not the right of discourse. But in 2014 the annual cooperation and businesses are only 4 months on the owners of Jingdong announced, this makes a lot of long-term cooperation businesses feel at a loss. Many sellers are based on the trust of Tencent, but suddenly announced the election of two, to join the Jingdong, or exit, which makes many businesses are difficult to accept. Tencent trapped between Jingdong and businesses, want to easily get away easily. Improper handling, the United States will be listed on the United States and other adverse effects caused by delays.


" was called Britney Spears, now called the lady." In the major online shopping platform to compete with each other, are competing with a variety of means to fight for the support of businesses. Many businesses accompany the platform to take money, time, energy, resources. But once the integration of online shopping platform, but it is easy to put these old friends to support their original after. Hope that both Jingdong, or Tencent, can treat these once worked together small sellers.

note: This article was written in a few days before, was good advice and Jingdong Tencent "