Phone heavy put the price of Jingdong started mobile phone’s day huge benefits first shot

818 mobile phone Jingdong festival grand opening today, a specially designed for consumers to create the purchase of huge benefit storm struck the domineering. In order to attract consumers to buy Jingdong, sincerity full launch rich and colorful crazy promotions: from August 8th to August 10th for the warm-up period, the Jingdong to build the "poly Hui Phone lie", popular brands to raise 100 Taiwan mobile phone free, hall and enjoy the welfare; August 11th to August 16th the theme of "big Phone purchase" brand price freezing period, let you cool earthshaking; from August 17th to August 19th in the climax of the 8.18 yuan limit seckill "national Phone grab", from August 20th to August 21st "excitement; Xiaolong special, let you continue to purchase an over surprise. The more intimate drying out the purchase strategy, iPhone mobile phone heavy price, and through the whole of the activities of 800 million coupons and other benefits for you to. You want to change a new mobile phone hand chop party who don’t see, and quickly seize the opportunity to play mobile phone Jingdong


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Phone for a big Kui Hui Yuan, the people voted mobile phone popular king

During the festival the Jingdong

mobile phone mobile phone big preheating, Meizu, glory, All flowers bloom together., millet, HUAWEI, iPhone, Samsung, vivo, OPPO, LETV, 360, Nubian, ZTE, Coolpad, Jin, HTC, Xiaolong, Lenovo, SONY and other brands by surprise! Consumers can participate in "1 yuan for Phone" activities. The popular tide take 1 yuan. The number of each brand to raise the public to reach 8180 people, the ultimate egg awards will be shocked to open. By then, the participants will have the opportunity to get a customized mobile phone, Hua Chenyu tomb, Li Yuchun concert tickets and super grand prix. Not only that, as of August 16th 18:00, consumers have every ID/IP brand point like a second chance, won the national power favorite brand mobile phone popular king.


brand is also competing to launch Madden welfare: HUAWEI Mate 8 rose gold can start to win glory V8 Roseonly; new volume grab; HTC purchase eligible 830 coupons minus 200 yuan discount; Samsung mobile phone 12 ious free cool earthshaking Lenovo; lemon series available full of 599 yuan 30 yuan coupons; purchase of SONY Z5 series mobile phone the highest discount coupons 200; ZTE A2 exclusive panic buying Nubian Z11, N4S, 360; Jin M6, LETV music 2 new explosive goods limited volume rob; August 13th vivo mobile phone 81.8 yuan limit seconds, OPPO explosion models as low as 90 percent off August 15th Meizu explosive goods limited seckill; 50 percent off seckill snapdragon core; collocation of various flagship mobile phone. Give consumers extraordinary mobile experience.


iPhone explosion Jingdong large release price, a variety of brands Chang