Microsoft official criticized Google Apps stealth cost is too high

[Sohu IT news] Beijing on May 5th news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft Corp warned in a white paper, Google Apps is not as cheap as advertised.

with Google Apps into Microsoft’s leading business software market, the competition between the two companies will become increasingly fierce. Last month, Microsoft Google and Google Apps of the government security authentication and tit for tat, both customers criticize each other’s products.

now, Microsoft will learn from the past 10 years with Linux’s competitive experience, directed at the actual cost of Google Apps. For companies with fewer than 10 employees, the price of Google Apps is $50 per user per year. But Microsoft support, Google Apps there are some other costs:

* mobile phone user support: Google for mobile phone users free of charge to provide a Google Apps contact data synchronization tool, but the tool is still testing the state, Microsoft said it has a lot of restrictions". More comprehensive third party solutions often require more cost, such as CompanionLink for Google price of $40 per user. In addition, if you need to support more than and 500 BlackBerry users, such as ExchangeMyMail product price of $120 per user per year.

* Exchange migration: to mass migration of Exchange mail account to the Google Apps, Exchange To Google Apps users will need to Migrator this procedure, it is priced at Marketplace in Google Apps for $20 per user. Microsoft also pointed out that the migration of contacts and distribution lists and other information is not easy, the need for IT support.

* Google is not yet available directory synchronization: Microsoft Active Directory (active directory) all the features, so some other programs can provide a one-time login (such as MyOneLogin, the price is $36 per user per year) sharing management and contacts (such as Promero gPanel Premier, the price is $8 per user per year).

* support: Google Apps provides only basic support services, such as on-site help and remote desktop help, each user needs to pay $30 per time, and each user costs $360 per year. (Microsoft also has a lot of software price paid support services outside)

* security and archiving: Google Postini provides advanced messaging management capabilities such as archiving and anti malware, the price for each user >