U.S. version of the double 11, Amazon are almost mad to the logistics

China has double 11, the United States has christmas. A season, Amazon does not want the same as last year, because of the delay of delivery, is the "black sheep" are not friendly greetings. In this regard, Amazon can only silently read: "do you know how hard I work? From the UAV to the taxi, the birds and animals are on the whole. What else do you want? "

Amazon UAV delivery

The new


, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon has been in San Francisco and Losangeles test taxi delivery package service. This will improve the efficiency of the courier while maintaining low operating costs. The specific plan is to "call" the Amazon taxi small distribution center through the Flywheel application, each car for up to 10 pieces of the same post encoding package, each package to pay $5 for 1 hours of service.

from so many programs see that Amazon is logistics bigwigs forced it meizhe. But this can reduce the logistics burden on Amazon is also questionable. It is understood that in the United States to take a taxi, in itself is a hard thing. How to ensure that there is a need to have a car when the driver will grab a single orientation will be transferred to the burden of logistics to ordinary people call car service?

send a courier so hard?

remember the ten entrepreneurs at the award ceremony, Ma and Wang Jianlin gamble 1 billion? 10 years after the electricity supplier will not exceed the retail line in Chinese? This problem is worth discussing. But if in the United States, retail bigwigs who can only ha ha.

today, in the United States, the traditional retail industry is still strong, weak electricity supplier. Market determines the industry, the industry determines the surrounding. So the logistics industry and China ratio, both the magnitude or from multiple, the United States often inaccessible.

in the United States, UPS, USPS and Fedex three almost monopolized the express market. Comparison of China "evil" of the three major mobile operators, we should understand the high fee. That simply do their own logistics, but since Amazon to build their own logistics system, logistics costs in the proportion of Amazon revenue has increased from 7.2% in 2009 to last year’s $8.9%. Amazon released in October this year, the worst quarterly loss in 14 years, an important reason is that the courier costs increased by $32%. Sell more than compensate, so no one will do business.

logistics can be more diverse

has always been a point of view: Jingdong is done by way of electricity providers, Amazon in the way of doing electricity in the electricity supplier. But for consumers, there is no need to consider the difference between the two. From a purely trading behavior, the homogeneity of goods, consumers need is the sooner the better. So Amazon was forced to crazy, and Jingdong can be very calm to do any attempt. In the Amazon come up with drones send fast >