Xu Dehong from the establishment of electricity supplier trust user experience system

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on the network is the Wenzhou accident, some of the hot topics of electronic commerce in these two days are very small, is, among other things, the situation in what could be more important than human life? Of course, life goes on, the road had to do business we continue to explore business. Do business is to know the importance of user experience and reputation, but the reality is that such a scene: apply micro-blog users reply is "most are forced on blind", so this specific chat e-commerce user experience topic.

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network and the jar on the user experience of the article, always feel no one can comprehensively summarize the user experience in all aspects need to pay attention to, so this post, I was through the experience of the practice of some electricity supplier user experience to share, I hope everyone can return, we have and we offer suggestions to the user experience the true feelings, to restore a good business platform needed to focus on the user experience bit by bit, give guidance for the new people present and future business managers are ready to enter the electricity supplier, electricity supplier of real concern and enhance the understanding of user experience.

trust is the key to the user experience

said the user experience, attention to the electricity supplier and the Internet for ten years, give me the deepest experience is the most critical trust. Imagine a business platform if you can’t give you at least trust feeling, you can order to buy something? I think 99.9% of Internet users will choose to ruthlessly close the browser, find a can let you have the trust of the target businesses. So I think that e-commerce user experience, all the details of the work everything in order to establish a letter to customers and carry out responsibility, cannot establish a sense of trust, all of the user experience of the work is meaningless. The basic elements of trust: honesty, motivation, ability, results.

I put the user experience of the establishment of the trust system is divided into three levels to display, product selection articles, trust experience articles, word-of-mouth experience. These three aspects I list some points which need to pay attention to the specific needs and principles, we deeply understand, some people will say that this is too simple, it is not suitable for me, never mind, please go away quietly, because without some of their own thinking, just copy the form, without any to help you, if you want to know a certain point, you can use Baidu Search, any more than I pay attention to the details of experts will share with.

user experience product selection section

1, through

positioning and subdivision of customers throughout; 2, product standardization is the premise; 3, brand – genuine – price; 4, easy to experience, the use of high frequency and high repurchase rates; 5, the line is not easy to buy, strong regional characteristics; 6, convenient logistics fast delivery; 7, drainage gold goods, general merchandise, high profit ratio and commodity choice;

user experience of the trust experience article