Babe network Ke Zunyao nature of the future is the return of the retail business

November 24th, the third session of the 2016 Chinese baby industry leaders summit held in Beijing International Hotel, from home and abroad 600 brands, the industry heavyweights gathered to discuss the baby industry development plan. Babe network co-founder and COO Ke Zunyao was invited to attend the summit and to participate in the dialogue "new people and new consumption, and guests on baby industry development trend.


With the rise of

after 85, 90 after the young generation, this is the main China digital consumers they have to as parents age, have become the main force of maternal and child market, while their conception and consumption behavior is also upgraded from a simple focus on price, slowly evolved into diversification, quality, entertainment the needs and pain points, and shopping habits in the mobile terminal. Ke Zunyao said, "by us to the consumption trend and control efforts, has achieved 85% non-standard and the proportion of mobile end accounted for 95% of the score. Next, we want to reduce the cost of consumer shopping at the same time, to create a core demand for consumers, and continue to protect the growth platform."


this year, through the market insight, put forward "mother deep babe network economy" strategy, its great potential in the just concluded two eleven proved once again, mother and child, women’s clothing, home, beauty and many other products to achieve 20 fold increase. And, with the cumulative growth rate of 1079% strong and users in the development of continuous innovation and superior experience, babe network in recently won the DDT high growth China 50 titles. More noteworthy is that this year Beckham has achieved net profit. It is not difficult to find, the number of data and won back mean babe network is a rapidly growing and robust maternal electricity supplier leading brand.

in Ke Zunyao view, the future of the electricity supplier must return to the essence of retail, no matter how consumers change, how to upgrade the consumer, consumers still need a trust, security platform. "Buying things is a moment without too much worry, can greatly reduce the cost of decision-making." How to create a can let the consumer trust and secure platform? He has given an answer, "the first through large data precision analysis and recommend consumers needed goods; second through the professional team of buyers and strict quality control team and business mode system, protect consumers get genuine good goods; third by size operation optimization of the intermediate links, so that consumers form zero distance and brands, improve consumer goods price."

Summit Forum, another point is that the chiefs of the hot line and the line who led, which Ke Zunyao also made their own point of view. In his view, the future, online and offline who is not who replaced the trend, but a fusion of communication and cooperation. The babe network has been to open up and online and offline brand cooperation, aims to create a controllable open platform.