Legal practitioners electricity supplier it is time to reflect on their own!

emerging from the legal electricity supplier has just appeared in front of us, and now to the legal electricity supplier who are crazy melee. Two years, the legal electricity suppliers are also going through a difficult initial stage, a group of legal services to the integration of online and offline resources "ambition", combined with the trend of Internet and play popular laid the foundation settled. But they can build on the basis of the law of the electricity supplier building, but it is an elusive dream.


in my opinion, now and then from the perspective of industry trying to pull their competitors from a struggling is no longer good. Legal electricity supplier each of the major models have their own strengths, the nature of some things have not changed, the effect of the appearance of candy candy packaging is no longer so obvious. In such a situation, the legal business experienced the period of development, has reached a mutual stage, practitioners should also be from the company, from the product, start from the individual self reflection, learn from each other in order to progress, expanding the development space between the electricity supplier market law. The small Qian from the law more than half a year about some cases, to give you its essence, to its dregs left a reference, and put forward some suggestions on the development of the electricity supplier industry law.

market needless to say how much you can cover the market


author initially concerned about the legal aspects of the electricity supplier, but also cited the relevant state agencies or authoritative statistical data released by the company’s content. At that time the law has just entered the public view of the electricity supplier, refer to the authority of the data it is necessary to prove that he is recognized in doing things, but now the legal electricity supplier has experienced the period of development, there is a certain degree of well-known in the industry. Who does not know a huge Chinese, not in a society under the rule of law needs? Population directly determines the law of our country market size, everyone can think clearly what, in what the necessary legal electricity providers now slowed down the development stage of


, therefore, a small humble think that the current electricity supplier practitioners are the main task of self reflection, is to look at why you have to keep claiming how huge the Chinese legal market. The legal market is large, but is associated with their development and this is not a legal business, you need is your legal current electricity supplier can cover a user account for much of the legal market, such data is not that your model should be more down to earth, a popular

?Why do you feel very proud of her lawyer


often see many legal business are advertised himself and has tens of thousands of lawyers reached a partnership, but those are just the lawyer information included even signed cooperation to the law makers, how are you these lawyers in the active platform? They are the legal industry is at what stage? How do they see with you the cooperation between the


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