Alibaba Pu deposit legal risk registered ZPPO domain name infringement is cut

According to

D& N; domain name from CNNIC office was informed that the complainant ZIPPO through CNNIC complaints top international electronic commerce enterprise, CNNIC authorized domain name registrar Alibaba (see cybersquatting Award) for CTP members, request the arbitration tribunal to decide the infringement and domain name transfer, arbitration expert group support.

it is understood that Alibaba is CNNIC authorized CN domain name registration service agencies, but also ICANN authorized domain name registration services. Before the news, Alibaba has become the domain name registration services, with the launch of the heavyweight product shop aspiring Alibaba attempted to entirely unrelated; integration of small and medium sized enterprise website, build product information integrated platform. Alibaba registered the domain name that is provided to the Pu members, but the domain name ownership still belongs to all Alibaba.

D& N domain name firm noted that it is precisely because, in spite of Alibaba claims in the defense of the actual use of the domain name is not a Alibaba, but the arbitral tribunal or ruled that it has malicious. The Group believes that "the respondent stressed that the disputed domain name users in Cixi attached to the sea Feng Tang plastic factory is a member of whether the sale of infringing products should be its own responsibility, and the respondent has stopped the disputed domain name to Cixi attached to the sea Tang Feng plastic factory after receiving complaints, the complaint was not malicious. The Group believes that the disputed domain name by the respondent registered, and available to members by registered members, all this does not change the domain names, so the disputed domain name registration and use of the complainant registered trademark "ZIPPO" caused by the complaint shall still bear the people." Final arbitration tribunal ruled that Alibaba should transfer the domain name dispute.

In fact,

, D& N domain name firms have noticed that Alibaba PU products may exist fatal legal obstacles, unable to handle the formalities out of the user and to send IDC qualification does not say, only Alibaba has many Pu member the actual use of the domain name in the huge legal risk. The reason is very simple, on the one hand, the problem is hard to give possible business online, because of lack of ownership of domain name to obtain the actual ownership, the future network operators understand that after that there may be a legal dispute with Alibaba; on the other hand, because the Alibaba actually have these domain names, you may want to pay for the actual use of the domain name tort.

is an interesting fact that earlier owned Alibaba claims Pu member claims ownership of the domain name has been changed, recently, the Alibaba issued a notice, notice will be complimentary to the domain name Pu Pu member, this move is affected by the above arbitration and the legal risks can make nothing of it.