WeChat O2O is playing down to earth O2O bestseller is not so mysterious

recently on WeChat O2O and O2O bestseller very much, if you think WeChat O2O is not reliable, and feel O2O bestseller exaggerated? On the basis of truth? Full? First in mind clear your head, you silent Tucao finished, I say to my WeChat O2O and O2O view bestseller.

recently, the electricity supplier Tencent organized a micro shopping exchange, micro shopping and meeting the bestseller relevant responsible person for their respective O2O project progress introduced. Here is the first introduced the relationship between the two under the Tencent, business team and micro shopping bestseller brands VERO MODA is the depth of cooperation between the two sides, to explore O2O in WeChat public account basis, although belong to do a project, but the two different roles, micro shopping is to provide a platform for products. VERO MODA is the use of the product users.

The content of

and PPT on the exchange will have already spread on the Internet, WeChat and O2O must have seen the bestseller, know and feel? I think WeChat O2O is playing down to earth, while the bestseller O2O is not so mysterious.

said WeChat O2O bar.


O2O project by the Tencent team in charge of micro shopping, micro shopping did not focus on WeChat shops, but to concentrate on developing O2O project, the choice of direction is reliable, if a class of Taobao mode in WeChat, WeChat will seriously affect the user experience. The traditional brand choice and cooperation with the line of stores, in the WeChat public account CRM function based on O2O to have the effect, is the bestseller’s VERO MODA case.

O2O features on the micro shopping online spread of PPT has said very clearly, do not repeat here. Under the trial of VERO WeChat MODA public shopping function, fairly good, interested in this WeChat shopping can be concerned about the experience of WeChat MODA VERO number.

deep experience after you will find that the micro shopping in the functional design of VERO MODA was down to earth. O2O is the integration of online and offline, including "2" on behalf of the fusion method, micro shopping thing to do is to optimize the "2", the key to integration is to achieve "down to earth", connected to the gas, the user can have O2O mode of the consumer to enjoy, not connected, became see function is not used in chicken ribs.

WeChat O2O and brand to the user’s opinion is directly related to the micro shopping and communication is the current bestseller VERO MODA WeChat O2O case, although the function is constantly explore design optimization, but now can be seen form the WeChat O2O.


O2O is it feasible? Since that feasible, this year VERO MODA will begin to fully open, I also think feasible, micro shopping project now is not exaggerated, but.