Zuo Fan three in one mode of custom home electricity supplier how to play

dark horse said: when it comes to Home Furnishing electricity supplier, you are not immediately think of the heavy and bulky furniture? How do business these big guys? The left where Home Furnishing would certainly upset your thoughts. It is lightweight and easy to do custom furniture, and the key lies in the O2O: online orders, it will send someone to measure, tailored for you tailored furniture. In addition, by combining with smart home, it can make your living space becomes more interesting.


| reporter Lou month

editor | Wang Ji

home industry is a big red sea, but also the low frequency consumer market. Where is the left Home Furnishing through creative design, customization and intelligent to find a "blue ocean for yourself".

more than a decade ago, the founder of Chen Lei, who left home in Hubei, a state-owned enterprise in, he was the first batch of Taobao users, in 2004 he has begun to buy furniture on Taobao. "But the products on the Internet are relatively single, almost can not find the furniture I want." Chen Lei think there should be a new home electricity supplier, specifically for online shopping at home to provide services to consumers.

so, Chen Lei part-time to start a Taobao shop, self-learning 3D design software, according to the customer’s size and color requirements for customization, and then find the factory for production and delivery.

2008, the home market is gradually warming, the Internet looking for differentiated goods consumers are more up. Chen Lei simply as a designer, for some brands to develop new products. He sell online brands, selling online, they will slowly each one takes what he needs to do it, the total. By 2009, Chen Lei’s Taobao store sales exceeded 1 million yuan in 2011 reached $5 million. During this period, Chen Lei completely rely on the force of a Taobao shop.

in 2011, Chen Lei felt a bottleneck. I am in Hubei, home production base in Foshan, too far from the supply chain is not good grasp, but also a bad after-sales service." This year in November, Chen Lei resigned in the spring of 2012 to


Chen Lei soon began to operate on the "left" brand in Foshan. At the time of the left or start-up companies, looking for a large factory OEM, the order of magnitude can not find a small factory production, technology and can not meet the design requirements of the left, the company was in an awkward position. Finally, Chen Lei decided to invest 3 million yuan self built factory.

Chen Lei showed a few pieces left where the creative Home Furnishing: Embedded Mobile shoe shoe stool, not only meet the functional, but also saves space; seemingly ordinary chest of drawers, desktop and formed at the side of the right angle side can slide out, become a simple desk; the computer desk wall frame can freely combined according to the changes of space…… A lot of furniture are derived from the spread of online creative home map, left a little bit of improvement and upgrading, turning them into a reality. Chen Lei summed up his business model as "B2C is marketing, C2B is >