How to do supply platform website

think, for a long time, decided to write it down for more than a year of business experience, to share with everyone, but also can get more experienced people advice and guidance, let us go the wrong way less.

I do sports shoes wholesale business, the store in Fujian, Putian is a very special place, here is the largest shoe production base Chinese, there are two NIKE authorized manufacturers, around the same time there are more than 10 thousand OEM and small factory, month export 250 thousand pairs of shoes.

from the beginning of 2007, the rise of the domestic electronic commerce, Putian appeared for the domestic wholesale store, I also started my business to start business is very bleak, just because a belief persisted, is that the domestic sales will expand, and promote e-commerce. The expansion of the effect is not because of e-commerce, e-commerce has become a big tool for the domestic market. I look good, more optimistic about e-commerce.

slowly began to e-commerce, Taobao hot, where the business has become better, and this is also encountered bottleneck, many here entity wholesale customers, but more is far away from customers for various reasons can not to wholesale entity, we also have a membership in the Alibaba, advertising a lot of calls, but really because the network transactions lack is less and less, this is a crucial point we all know the network. Then a new model of it, right, is the distribution pattern, make many agents, is the customer choose to join us or pre deposit, he did not do Tuen goods, but by us on behalf of, also on behalf of a pair, this model greatly reduces the risk and capital investment, so it is very popular.

is like this, my company also set up a website, I have my sports shoes wholesale network. Now back to the past, I feel very naive, very simple website, some people may think it is an album, only the product picture and description. The other is the company’s introduction, after a period of advertising and promotion, which is to receive the promotion is nothing more than a posted, do not know what is seo. Thought it was a hacker. Slowly someone saw, a few days a IP, that is, dozens of people, I feel good ah, dozens of individuals that, the store did not have so much a day, but why did not produce it?.

is the accumulation of time, some people add our QQ, asked a few questions, from these problems, I see the problem, we do provide little things, do this station, attaches great importance to the customer experience and customer needs, our customers are engaged in electronic business, engaged in electronic in addition to the business need to master certain network skills, as long as the source is more, but not everyone around you have a good supply, also produced a need, need a supply platform, this platform to be credible, stable, the credibility of the first, this point is needed, there is little experience, is this platform allows you to purchase orders, distribution.