Electricity supplier format continued differentiation 2020 inflection point theory cited concern

reporter Xiao Xia Chongqing reported

China e-commerce field of explosive growth in the year to refresh the record at the same time, to forecast inflection point also can be heard without end.

recently held in Chongqing on the tenth China online retail annual meeting, the national e-commerce model city expert advisory committee leader, Tsinghua University professor Chai Yueting to the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, according to the projections of the current electricity supplier of the size and growth rate, a turning point will appear in 2020, this is the new electricity supplier the format and in the store as a representative of the old format alternating point. By 2020 or so, the size of the electricity supplier will occupy more than 50% of the retail price, after this, the development of electricity supplier this new format will be faster, and the old format will be more decline."

although the inflection point theory is also discussed in the industry, but the breakdown of various types of electricity suppliers in the field and its upstream and downstream industries and further differentiation is an indisputable fact.


, Huitong chairman Sun Jianwei told reporters, as a home for more than and 10 years of traditional logistics enterprises now in transition to cross-border electricity supplier, he believes that next year the field will have a round of reshuffle. The main reason is that the capital market is not optimistic, at the same time, such a market war requires funds, the capital market will cause great pressure. "Before the line was badly hit these platforms, such as BBK, Yong Hui, flying cow, Darunfa now began to force the online business, and even some large platform is not yet on the line, but the layout of the market strategy."

logistics enterprises quickly follow up

cross-border electricity supplier and O2O boom driven by various types of logistics enterprises in which the role is playing an increasingly important, and there is great potential for cross-border.

One of the

Tmall core supermarket warehouse management partners of Guangdong Xinyi Logistics Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Zhang to twenty-first Century economic report reporter pointed out: "the company will conduct a comprehensive follow-up in several business segments of next year, the first is the electricity supplier warehouse areas will have more large businesses, while cross-border is the focus of the next one or two years. This year, the company also voted a number of planning projects, is expected in March next year will be located in Guangzhou, the first fully automated storage. In addition, next year there are three projects in Tianjin, Jiading, Jiaxiang, involving a total investment of $1 billion."

specifically, Anna technology logistics now has 6 overseas countries (Australia, Italy, South Korea, Hongkong, France, the United States China), these places have their own independent overseas positions and subsidiaries. These departments have undertaken a number of overseas transfer functions and communication with local brands, procurement, to provide some support and resources on the domestic platform.

as a result of cross-border electricity supplier for the importance of logistics and transport and warehousing, some of the relatively low profile of overseas brands are looking forward to further cooperation with the logistics company, the curve into china. Wei Yongtao, deputy general manager of high logistics, said that now overseas brands are divided into two categories, the first category is in China