Altman jacket Taobao popular users of the bright and cold tricks

with the sudden cold at the beginning of this year, netizens said: "some of the tricks on the insole like warm baby, some rely on" six edition, "military coat, even on the" beard "hat, even the traditional heating tool" shangpozi "also took the opportunity to shine.

cold in many ways, a "Altman jacket" was born, and the other to pull mad cool, hats, glasses, down three in one practical design, soon became the century cold in many consumers cold weapon". Taobao owners have to purchase, and the highest sales of a store in a week to sell nearly 500 pieces.

"Altman jacket" cool cold, "shangpozi shine


reporter in the Taobao search found Altman, down jacket ", for the rapid response to cold, many Taobao stores are on the ground that seize the opportune moment of" practical "style, and even the Taobao store launched a parent-child upset paragraph".



according to a Taobao owner, the down jacket is the biggest characteristic of the head wrapped in a hat like shape, known as "Altman", basically a 360 degree dead cold, "don’t worry about the problem because of bad weather caused allergic face".

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recently launched Ali for many consumers to become special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, new fans time-honored, such as Hangzhou time-honored "Zhang Xiaoquan" a $249 copper thickened shangpozi, because it has both traditional style and green energy, many consumers become the darling of the hundreds of sales within a month. There are many more "friendly" price shangpozi Taobao shop, it is through the cold opportunities to sell thousands of single products. Refer to

Taobao big data: the south is "

cold" consumerThe latest data provided by Taobao

display: from January 17th to 23, "down" has become the top three clothing week search keyword search volume over the same period last week rose nearly 50%; platform jacket sales volume growth of around 60%, among them, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Zhejiang accounted for about 30%.

in addition, heater, electric blanket, and become a "cold warm baby long johns four artifact". Among them, warm baby search index rose nearly 100%, a large number of businesses had sold out of stock phenomenon.

From the perspective of

Province, Jiangsu province has become the largest consumer of cold four artifact, Guangdong heater sales increased by 186%, dianretan ranked second with 164% increase, warm baby and long johns are respectively 116% and 103% from three or four.

In addition to this, Fujian, Zhejiang, the demand for warmth is also quite strong >