See.Mobi domain trading is crazy

information the pace of development is more and more quickly, with the Chinese 3G era,.Mobi domain also pushed to the cusp, in order to make the.Mobi domain name market share, the domain name registration manufacturers have introduced a variety of promotional activities, so that the.Mobi domain name like red hard.

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.Mobi fire, of course, minon (domain name speculation people) will not miss such a golden opportunity. Rice farmers are a large number of registered.Mobi domain name began to rob, overnight many companies registered in the.Mobi domain are robbed, be in the bag. Want to buy their own.Mobi domain name, not only spent more than to spend money on money. The domain name registration rush events occurred frequently, why companies do not learn a lesson, to protect their network


do not know the situation of the major domain name trading platform is what kind of?.

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domain network is currently the largest domain Chinese portal, belonging to Chinese’s network. Easy domain network specializing in domain name parking, evaluation, auction, transfer and other services, with more than 50 thousand members, the number of online thousands of people, providing hundreds of thousands of domain name transactions. Easy online domain domain name can let Xiaobian look foolish eye, too much, just a search has N. Like a friend to go shopping.


ename 2000 yuan 3000 yuan 100000 yuan 1000 yuan 50000 yuan

renamed Chinese website as one of the largest domain name trading professional website. In a circle around the inside, the overall price is high, personally, some domain name has got the trading platform to break you, do not know to want to get crazy. Of course, there are some very good domain name, and easy to remember, the price is moderate. Such as:, the price of 3000 yuan believe that most people are acceptable, used to do with a mobile phone related sites, should be a good choice.

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