Whether the low cost of tourism website marketing will be like a job site into a profit dilemma

domestic tourism website industry leaders launched the "double low price guarantee, payment of 3 times in the promise" giant Ctrip 6 days ago, announced today, consumers through the online booking hotel in China, Ctrip lowest price guarantee. Similarly, under the conditions of the network reservation, Ctrip guarantee the lowest price of the hotel in the territory of the hotel, or pay 3 times the difference in cash. Ctrip for a new round of low-cost marketing initiatives, the industry believes that it is intended to further control the terminal resources of the hotel, and to further enhance its leading position in the industry. Admin5.com webmaster for Ctrip marketing initiatives, also believe that in the face of the fierce competition of domestic tourism website users to rival site loss situation, it will take more similar to the low price marketing way, consolidate the market, control terminal resources, to achieve the purpose of monopoly industry. But the more the new countermeasures, the industry’s competitors will be more intense response.

was in six days after the end of elong has began a high-profile take 10 years not to gain dilemma. Yesterday, eLong said publicly in Beijing, to consumers in the online booking and Check Inn Hotel commitment, as long as the price is higher than Ctrip, eLong will take the initiative to follow the principle of 3 times the price of the cash return. Pledges include weekly active investigation and announced the price is higher than Ctrip’s hotel list and price for online booking and success in these hotels consumers, even announced a cash refund form and time limit: 5 working days after closing in, directly back to the customer in elong "cash account". It is reported that Ctrip provisions if consumers find any price lower than CTRIP Website, must successfully booking and submit evidence in Ctrip on other sites; at the same time must be successful in booking Ctrip, Ctrip to implement the payment of 3 times the price difference. The art dragon network to support low-cost commitment to consumers, but do not agree with this kind of trouble to consumers, the chaos to the hotel practice." ELong CEO Cui Guangfu said yesterday, "from today onwards, as long as consumers in elong successful hotel, found more cheap, don’t need to do anything, we will immediately return 3 times the price of cash."

elong also deal with low-cost marketing, but the implementation process is simpler and more convenient than ctrip. However, eLong has been contracted in China, the price of more than 10 thousand hotels were investigated and found that only less than 1% of the total number of contracted hotels in some of the hotel room price is higher than the price of ctrip. But part of the hotel industry reflects Ctrip and elong are old rivals, so they Sike other low-cost approach to the hotel is very difficult. At present, eLong and Ctrip in the country there are more than 10 thousand business hotel, which will inevitably have to cooperate with the two hotels, the hotel will be faced to who the lowest perplexity, especially Ctrip has always been very strong in hotel pricing will be embarrassed. If the price is given to either party, the other party is higher than the price. If the same price to both sides, it is likely to cause dissatisfaction. This will be the biggest problem facing the two sites when competing with low-cost marketing.