Maternal and child electricity supplier collective maternal and child

lead: the survey found that the "double day" promotion, the promotion platform rarely significantly in the baby category, but in the film, Home Furnishing, health care and other aspects of money.

two child policy for the intense competition of maternal and child electricity providers to bring policy dividends, but also subtly change the industry development strategy. Reporter survey found that, for the double Dan big promotion, the major platforms in the mother and child category is rarely a major promotion, but in the face mask, home, health care products, etc.. This is not accidental, but the portrayal of the collective transformation of maternal electricity supplier. Users have been criticized for a short life cycle, serious homogenization of maternal and child electricity supplier, the future may no longer be limited to maternal and child categories. Mother network co-founder Gao Guangying admitted that next year, the mother and child electricity supplier competition will dabble in the entire platform products.

category extension

has "double 11", "black Friday", "double 12" rounds of promotion, the domestic electricity supplier maternal market show weakness. The reporter saw, babe network, honey bud baby tree, and other well-known domestic electricity supplier maternal efforts double once promotion promotion category is no longer limited to the maternal and infant milk powder, diapers and other standard products. The babe network as an example, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States imported beauty health care and other categories of landing page, the cross-border electronic business platform selling Clinie mask, Hera BB cream beauty products include.

war spread more than a year of war, some diapers dormant taste. The host in the honey bud billion state power network founder and CEO Liu Nan, before the tenth session of the China online retail conference said, honey bud is no longer just a vertical maternal electricity supplier platform is for household consumption, city middle class launched social sales, FMCG and Home Furnishing quality products are the main development direction. According to Liu Nan said that as of the three quarter, the proportion of non maternal and infant goods on the platform of the total merchandise category has reached a total of 20%. Just landed three new board of maternal electricity supplier mother network are also trying to transition, high Guangying said, non maternal commodities continue to overweight the platform, the platform is currently the sales including cosmetics, clothing, bags, light luxury goods etc..

growth bottleneck

has just need, the higher the rate of purchase characteristics, coupled with the domestic consumer upgrades, cross-border mother and baby category touted, so that the mother and child electricity supplier has become the most concerned about the capital market segments. According to statistics, North Institute, honey bud baby tree, babe network, Jimmy Tesco, freaky exchange and many other well-known vertical maternal electricity supplier in the past two years, a total of over $1 billion of financing. In March this year, the capital of maternal electricity supplier under open air burn subsidies user price war. The NB90 models of Japan Kao diapers as an example, the original price of 188 yuan / bag, the price war period as low as 58 yuan / bag, including Tmall, Amazon, and other Jingdong, Chinese mainstream electricity suppliers are also involved.

however, the capital of a high temperature does not eradicate the pain points of maternal and child electricity supplier. Jinhaimi global purchase founder Xu Jun said, the price war is just a few diapers industry ziyuzile. "Maternal user life cycle Co., milk powder, concentrated in the 1-3 years old baby diapers only use. After the life cycle, the user will be converted to