Foreign trade enterprises lose the initiative to seek cross-border electricity supplier blue ocean

today, "Internet plus" has become a new direction for more and more private enterprises choose breakthrough. Shaoxing’s foreign trade industry in the transformation and upgrading, it is regarded as "a ready-made panacea" cross-border e-commerce, and that this is a new channel for the development of foreign trade market.

, however, as a relatively high degree of Foreign Trade City, Shaoxing’s foreign trade enterprises in the practice of cross-border e-commerce is not high proportion. In the tide of cross-border electricity supplier, Shaoxing foreign trade industry to achieve a breakthrough in why said of an aged person? In a short period of time, and how to seek the road of


"Internet plus" in the following

cross-border trade in foreign trade is now blank


is the head of a large-scale foreign trade enterprises in Keqiao, in 2014 the company’s foreign trade sales reached $20 million, but when the reporter mentioned cross-border e-commerce to him, but he was a loss of face.

foreign trade volume is still growing year by year, but the real business by the cross-border electricity supplier incremental almost no." He said that in their daily work, the company will be a lot of business personnel through the network to communicate with foreigners, but in the order, the foreigner will be directly to the person or fabric express confirmation way.

"we can do tens of millions of dollars of foreign trade business every year, but still continue the traditional trading." A foreign trade enterprise in Shaoxing responsible person said, in recent years, and foreign enterprises will be more and more contact with the network, but to specific style, price and quality in dealing with each other or will have come from thousands of miles away, so the use of cross-border electricity providers to achieve the transaction is very rare.

in recent years, trading companies through e-commerce means to carry out domestic business is more common, but in terms of export business is difficult to display. Reporters in the city, Keqiao district and other places visited and learned, although many foreign enterprises of electronic commerce is more and more important, but still feel powerless.

20 years ago to negotiate the price of foreign businessmen, and later asked whether there is a factory, and now is the question of whether there is network." In Keqiao for 20 years in the foreign trade business in Wujiang, now has the foreign trade of goods from the competition to supply chain competition, to win must rely on the support of network, but the Shaoxing enterprises in developing this business is still quite weak.

statistics show that in 2014 the Keqiao area to achieve export tax rebate of 8 billion 948 million yuan, an increase of 8.46%, but the foreign trade enterprises in Keqiao really do cross-border electricity supplier business is not much. Since last year, the State Administration of Taxation issued the relevant documents, the cross-border electricity supplier can enjoy the export tax rebates, tax authorities also promptly opened the relevant export tax refund window, but there is no business to handle this type of business." Recently, Keqiao District National Taxation Bureau relevant responsible person said, although the support policy continuously, but today, the export tax rebate of cross-border electricity supplier in Keqiao is still blank, cross-border business volume as can be imagined.