Brand useless theory so that well-known brands panic, build electricity supplier sought after!

in Tmall Jingdong above shopping, you don’t need to know a lot of brand knowledge, also do not need to know who is the first-line brand who are second tier brands, you only need to click on the search, click ranked by sales, to evaluate sales top products look immediately can lock yourself to buy a product.

if you do this, the brand does not make sense. All consumers only pay attention to "(Advertising Sales Ranking Ranking; sales ranking = PPC advertising), no longer pay attention to brand, Tmall and Jingdong in the above shopping, can understand this brand is useless, quality supreme! What brand, what size, what 500, here is the only product sales ranking voucher can speak only consumers can prove what other comments, is in vain.

as long as you can afford the cost of more than ten million Tmall, all dubious small brands, even from small workshops of small brands, big brands and can be together on an equal footing, is placed in the same starting line bidding. Not ranked by the generation of resources, there is no size, only a single ranking and bloody competition. The rise of Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong has contributed to the growth of small businesses. As long as the rankings, do not quality, Tmall and Jingdong’s contribution to fair competition in the market for all to see.

but this rule is not fair for big brands, long before it was devastating. With the development of technology, the quality of the products of many enterprises is not big difference, product homogeneity almost covers all areas. Even worse is that some of the major brands, their products on the OEM factory production. While others have their own assembly plant, but the core technology is not in the big brands. Lenovo’s many products are so.

when consumers only Tmall and Jingdong, these traditional brands will be of little importance. If the third party e-commerce platform, in accordance with the rapid expansion of such rules. Within 10 years, the brand value will be greatly these people for having heard it many times big brands such as Haier, Lenovo and GREE are weakening, others become of little importance for market dominance, the loss of dignity and brand. These large brands invisible, will become a monopoly of the third party electronic business platform foundry. Industrial power will be Nanke dream.

of some large manufacturing enterprises and large brands, selling their products in a large third party platform, is the short-term behavior, is outright. Many business leaders should also know the truth, but also ridiculous in third party business platform sales increased dramatically and self complacent, extraordinary.

do not seek Jesus Christ who seek temporary shortage; those who do not seek a global lack of a domain plan. Business leaders should not be short-term interests become dizzy with success. Short sighted behavior is not a mistake that business leaders should make. Warm boiled frog, the number of people selling them the money the day looks very scenery, but when they wake up some day in the future will certainly regret a previous mistake.

it is said that many companies and Tmall cooperation, but also on the line of its own electronic business platform, these