Rookie network low-key expansion logistics industry will bid farewell to the era of the wilderness

low-key run two years of rookie network, with the new Alibaba group CEO, but also rookie network CEO Zhang Yong took office and revealed the layout of the future of global logistics ambitions.

May 28th, rookie network debut transcripts, and put forward the realization of the 50 city national goals at the end of the next day. Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said that one of the future direction of the rookie is to use big data to achieve the hierarchical logistics products and services to meet the needs of different.

To understand the

"First Financial Daily" the reporter interviewed the logistics industry, with the improvement of informatization level of express industry rookie network, as well as the capital of the logistics industry in the express industry will bid farewell to the past price war CaoMang competition stage.

rookie weave a network?

since its inception in 2013 to now, vowed not to do a single courier business in the network of how to weave a network of


rookie five points in the end of this year will be put into use." "First Financial Daily" reporter from the rookie insiders understand that rookie self built in the north of Guangzhou and Chengdu, Wuhan and the five level storage center, covering the north, East, Southern China, southwest and central regions, a total area of 1 million square meters. Among them, Tianjin closer to Beijing, Shanghai warehouse near Jiaxing, and the central warehouse has been put into use in Guangzhou.

Zhang Yong is planning a 5 focus on the future strategic direction to the rookie network, namely, express delivery, warehouse distribution, cross-border, rural and post. The above five sub warehouse is the distribution system. In addition to self built, rookie in the 5 central warehouse and warehousing and logistics companies to cooperate to build, lease docking.

according to the insider told this reporter that the acquisition is also one of the few rookie cloth warehouse way. At present, rookie just bought the Amazon in Shanghai known as the storage center of Asia’s most advanced (an area of 20 thousand square meters), including the advanced sorting equipment, according to Ali platform category to adjust warehouse improvement.

previously announced around the rookie Jiancang news, get to the question about the logistics real estate with overwhelming, Ma has denied the clarification of foreign speculation. In this case, the five sub positions can be described as a very low-key posture in the construction of silence. In accordance with rookie ideas, after the completion of the center will be open to the community.

rookie distribution network in the warehouse, who will solve the problem of inter city blood capillary level distribution services fall on the store with the distribution of the body. The idea is to store consumer online orders (such as buy clothes, buy medicine), rookie and high moral map to find the nearest to the consumer line of stores (such as brand clothing stores, pharmacies, Vientiane) by the specialized logistics companies do local courier service delivery, the company has many floor distribution from the first City in delivering newspapers, milk business resources and transformation.

then go down, these landing distribution companies will be docked in the country’s more than 20 thousand dishes >