We’re going to be crazy when we’re eleven

double eleven, is a big day once a year for many of the electricity supplier, with double this year eleven is coming, the electricity supplier who has begun is eager for a fight. Double eleven, the electricity supplier who is a holiday, "double eleven online shopping Carnival" refers to the date of November 11th, due to the special, so it is also called the day. At the same time, Taobao is also a big day to promote the audience. Large web sites generally use this day to carry out a number of large-scale promotional activities to increase sales volume. Double eleven this is not a holiday festival is to make a lot of online shopping Carnival day, apply now popular word. Double eleven is coming, and we will not be crazy old.

double eleven crazy is not a kind of unreal existence, through the data we can directly feel the double eleven is brought about by e-commerce and consumers of common madness. 2009 is the first year of the birth of the double eleven, Taobao’s sales in the day is 50 million. By 2010, ten day sales have explosive growth reached 936 million yuan. 2011, Taobao, as always, sales also jumped to 3 billion 360 million yuan, as always. Next we take a look at the 2012 data, Taobao held four consecutive years of double shopping carnival, sales in the final freeze of $19 billion 100 million in eleven. In the face of this year to eleven of the explosive growth of sales of $, to get the benefits of buyers, the performance is the seller, of course, Taobao’s own profit is also very rich

for the upcoming eleven now, many small businesses is difficult to know how to play. How to integrate such a business holiday, how to get good performance on this day, how can this day in their shops or shopping fun, can get the same proportion in the day to make their own performance growth. For many of these businesses have certainly been taken into account, but the real worry is such a problem. In fact, for the eleven, the small series that we want to succeed, traffic is a key point. We want to hold the entrance of each flow, perhaps we can not go to small businesses like big businesses to participate in the eleven double shopping spree, but we have to do is to keep pace with the official Taobao. This way can make their own and large businesses in the competition to win more customers.

for Taobao now, the entrance of a variety of traffic basically businesses are aware of what we have to do is to do a good job in the warm-up before the arrival of the dual eleven. Because Taobao itself and the search engine is a lot of similarity, do the business of Taobao know, when the display of the rankings tend to be stable, it is difficult to fall. So for businesses, to advance before the upcoming eleven double do the warm-up work, seize every position, so that it can get more traffic, before coming double eleven more customers and more sales.

at the same time in the face of double eleven of the time, for Taobao guest >