sold for $200 thousand on.Mobi mobile phone domain curse


.mobi domain name registrar dotMobi global official recently announced that since September successfully launched to the public,.Mobi has experienced two major milepost: worldwide, the overall demand for the.Mobi domain name of the sustained and rapid growth, currently has more than 218000; 104 countries worldwide customers registered.Mobi domain name. In addition, the first.Mobi reservation domain auction, in 2006 set off some of the largest market value of the higher demand for domain names.
from the "national top brand", Mobi era of the Internet domain name service provider ( official said: "in the future, everyone will be because the portable light and browse the Internet using a mobile phone text, information. Each person or business will register and protect their own mobile phone domain name is not owned by others. Each person with a mobile phone as long as a boot, appeared in front of the eye may be an information or advertising. In this sense, the real full Mobi marketing era has arrived."