Fresh B2B industry scan calm is running out of the dark horse

recently, fresh areas in the electric business is unusually hot, fresh B2C is showing short intersection knife with blood state: Jingdong, COFCO I bought net, Tootoo, every day, a large number of fresh fruit orchards to the company, all want to seize more market share. The fresh B2B was cool about her "life", showing a "blue" format.

from top to bottom in order to buy fruit, vegetables, excellent with good trading page

it is understood that the fresh B2B no large-scale "rush" event. Easy to buy fruit, beauty and excellent products with excellent products, for example, three companies using WeChat public number as a trading platform to WeChat payment as the main means of payment. In the middle, logistics and other levels, the three have their own advantages and disadvantages.

easy to buy fruit: April 2015 on the line, to facilitate customers to solve the problem of decentralized purchase channels, the use of third party logistics, has reached a single day of 80 single, water, the results of $80 thousand. The CEO Zhengli Wu, who worked for 8 years in the Ali B2B sales department. Customer base is mainly fruit stores, hot pot restaurants, etc..

beauty dish: the end of June 2014 on the line, procurement, warehousing, distribution integration, in order to completely destroyed the intermediate links as the goal. CEO Liu Chuanjun Jingdong logistics services more respected, hoping to establish a one-stop shopping platform. Send the team from the socialization of the vehicle, the company recruit drivers and management, the implementation of the two to send a day, the food will not be a difference of half an hour. Currently, the United States in the country has about 4 small and micro restaurant customers. The customer has no name Zhang Liang spicy, fried, spicy and Yang Guofu.

excellent with good: in April 2015 to get 10 million yuan Angel round of investment. Founder and CEO Shi Qingdong worked for Ali, Ali, the core business team from China, the green dog network and Internet Co. More than 90% of its ingredients taken with upstream suppliers direct mining, will produce standard (with dried cucumber as an example, the length must be 28-30 cm, 3 cm in diameter). Logistics, the use of crowdsourcing model, and social drivers to cooperate. Customers Zhang Liang spicy, spicy, Chongqing small noodles, Yang Guofu Chongqing delicacy etc..