Amazon to enter the field of fashion luxury brands do not buy it

Tencent Francisco (Yue Tong) Beijing on October 13th news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon has entered the field of fashion, and the strong publicity, but also hire an expert to help the site with Kate · (Kate Spade) and wire Rebecca Rebecca & middot; Minkoff (Rebecca Minkoff) and other luxury fashion brand cooperation, to create a new online store.


, according to the "Financial Times" author Barney · Opson (Barney Jopson) the article said that large luxury fashion brands is a move to the Amazon are not too concerned about, seems to have no intention of this process in the amazon.

although Amazon is one of the world’s most powerful retail sites, but Opson interviewed a number of luxury fashion brands in considering whether or not to participate in Amazon’s project, it seems hesitant. For example, the famous luxury menswear brand Hugo Boss told the "Financial Times" said that the company’s sales in the Amazon website any product are not getting their approval, at the same time, they are still looking for ways to control the sale of their brand stores.

Alexander ·, chief executive officer of McQueen (Alexander McQueen) said, does not rule out the possibility of cooperation with Amazon in the future. However, the most shocking comments may have come from Louis · Weedon (Louis Vuitton) brand, Louis ·, chief executive of Weedon and Weiss; · Kaville (Yves Carvelle) said: "the Amazon sales never did Louis · Weedon, because we are the only distributor of the brand. This is our direct control model, I think, this will be the direction of the majority of luxury brand e-commerce companies will follow."

Amazon has become famous for selling cheap goods, but not because of the sale of luxury fashion products and sensation. However, some fashion brands will not ignore the possible opportunities for cooperation with Amazon, in particular, the opportunity to show their brand.