Lu Zhaoxi Taobao can take out bamboo inserted oil

Taobao president readme

we all know, the three venture Shi Yuzhu in a field of three Chinese card, health care products, online games, will be their own business on the pinnacle of the industry position, mode, capital, marketing is very important in the back, but not the most important. The most important factor of Shi Yuzhu’s success comes from his deep understanding and accurate grasp of the consumer impulse and purchase behavior of the target consumer groups.

and explore our in the expansion of the scale and business model on the road, also conducted a similar exploration, and Shi Yuzhu found the old lady from door to door chat, can achieve the most intuitive and accurate consumer research by its huge consumer database.

we made a summary of Taobao Internet user behavior mainly includes several, the first is to sell, second is to buy, there is a more important is around, now has a very distinctive data, everyone on the Internet after the average rate of 16.7, which is in all sites inside the way ahead. This data reveals that Taobao Internet users in the process of individual behavior, the equivalent of the girls usually go shopping, although there is no specific consumption inside a target, but in the process of visiting a point is likely to trigger the consumption intention, which is very unique in the behavior of

we believe that Taobao in such resources and advantages, there is a huge marketing value, while there is a very large potential advantages. Taobao’s huge consumer database, is by far the largest and most real-time, and not sampling. Our entire server which records valuable consumer information: the first is the information and characteristics of complete online consumer purchase, looking for friends, which, as well as the age structure and regional distribution of a large number of consumer database, we can do a lot of analysis; second is the consumer buying behavior, consumer purchase intention process before, for any a product to determine very precise marketing means very helpful; there is on consumer behavior changes in the dynamic analysis, in fact, and traditional society, changes in consumption, consumer information is also change rapidly, changes in consumer insight, for marketing and product planning are of great help.

our database has too much content can be analyzed, which is a very large resource, if taken out and the network marketing staff will have great value to share. Based on the profound research and application of these resources, Taobao has now become a unique C2C e-commerce in the field of the king.

in fact, with independent on the number of users exceeded 9 million, 180 million daily page views and Chinese 70% of the e-commerce market transactions, we take a bamboo pole on a plug, can take out oil. Transaction fees, channel fees, advertising revenue, data marketing services, any charging mode, will bring profit Taobao broad road. But we are still free, and a few years ago for Taobao users how to charge the thinking, has been changed to continue free of charge.