Ma wishes for the next 10 years to create a new e-commerce civilization

asked Ma Yun, what will be the wish of the next 10 years?

Ma Yun’s answer is: "the next 10 years, the Alibaba’s goal is to create a new civilization of electronic commerce, hoping to create the survival and growth of the information platform for the world’s 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises, to provide consumer e-commerce platform for the 1 billion people around the world believe that in the next 30 years will be a period of rapid development of electronic commerce."

in the history of the new China business for 60 years, Ma is an exception.

as a model of entrepreneurship, Ma Yun’s story tells us that anything is possible, of course, not all possible. Like Ma, no money, no background in two, three There are plenty of people who have no technical. Moreover, many of them work harder and harder than Ma, more attention to people, but only achieve success and win recognition of ma.

Ma Yun said: as an entrepreneur, first of all to give yourself a dream. In 1995, I happened to have an opportunity to visit the United states. I almost do not understand the technology, so far, my understanding of the computer or part of the stay in the mail and browse the page. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you dream."

in addition, Ma stressed that entrepreneurs must think about two questions. First, what do you want, not your parents let you do what you do, not what you let colleagues, not because of what others are doing, but you really want to do what. Second, what do you need to do, want to clear what you want to do, you want to know what I should do, rather than what I can do.

Ma Yun said: "for all entrepreneurs, always tell yourself a word: starting from the first day of business, you have to face every day is difficult and failure, rather than success. I have the most difficult time has not arrived, but one day will certainly arrive. Difficulties can not be avoided, can not let others carry for you. 10 years of entrepreneurial experience tells me that any difficulties you have to face. Entrepreneurs are faced with difficulties."

for all walks of life, the underlying causes of the global economic crisis, Ma renewed emphasis on entrepreneurship, sense of mission and play.

Ma Yun said that the key to the economic crisis is the lack of entrepreneurship. At present, the world is not the lack of money, the lack of commercial society is the spirit of entrepreneurship, dreams and values, is the lack of values, is the lack of dreams. Lost dream business, then success is just successful material, is not a dreamer’s success."

to do business people are divided into three types of Ma said that business is completely the interests of the driver, what he can do for money; businessmen materialistic parting, but something to do, something not; but the entrepreneur is with a sense of mission to complete a certain social value.

has experienced many entrepreneurial failure he finally summed up a belief: if a person’s mind is money, you will never succeed, you can never become entrepreneurs. Only >