Rookie network push cloud customer service complaints directly to the network

July 21st news, rookie network announced cloud customer service half year results, as of July 20th, the rookie cloud customer service to help express companies to reduce the complaint rate of more than 50%.

It is reported that

, rookie network launched a cloud service function in July last year; in January this year, rookie combined various courier companies through the online complaint channels, consumers can complain directly in Tmall, Taobao, etc., wrapped Amoy platform logistics details page to find the logistics entrance to submit the complaint after complaint, express outlets will be completed. In the 24 hours since the operation, there are nearly 5 day after treatment.

rookie said, the traditional form of complaints courier, courier companies need to communicate to the customer by the courier company headquarters, and then pass to express outlets, if not solve, consumers can only complaint to the post office, long and complex information to consumers, many consumers experience is very poor, due to complaints of trouble, often to the merchant a bad trouble. For this reason, the introduction of cloud cloud customer service functions, hoping to accelerate the transfer of information between consumers and enterprises, accelerate the handling of complaints.

According to

reports, rookie online complaints after 7 months of operation, consumer complaints rate dropped by more than 50%, the courier penalty rate decrease, the highest rate of consumer complaints "false sign", from 120 thousand a day in the past, the overall decline of 60%, the same problem within 30 days of repeated complaints rate dropped to 5%.

relevant responsible person said that the rookie follow-up will launch a number of courier services to help reduce complaints and punishment, such as consumer habits will be pushed to the courier label by big data, for example, if a consumer complaint has put the things in the cabinets from mentioning or from mentioning, the system will tell the courier in send pieces, in advance to communicate with consumers." In addition, the rookie network will also be assisted by the robot customer service to help courier companies to provide intelligent online customer service, try to solve the problem before the consumer complaints online.

rookie Network Express Division responsible for the humanities Chung pointed out that in the past, express company is the same standard "across the board" form of punishment to be taken by the courier complaints, its origin is difficult to obtain evidence, rookie hope behavior through the data line monitoring technology, low cost to help network forensics, avoid the courier was punished to adults; at the same time, can also help the express enterprise service oriented to consumer oriented businesses from.

Song Wen also said that the future of the rookie network through data products, timely analysis of small staff behavior, provide incentives for high-quality service.