Every year millions of government subsidies to do with WeChat store opened five years of transformat

traditional retail industry by the impact of the Internet electricity supplier, has been proposed five years ago. At the same time, Shenzhen local a nearly 30 year history of the retail department store Tianhong shopping mall (002419) began the transformation of the internet.


September 2014, WeChat officially open payment interface, the rainbow became one of the first batch of nine companies access WeChat to pay. Rainbow WeChat public number on the line in September 2013, WeChat announced the September 2015 membership has more than 4 million, average monthly interactive membership number more than 1 million, such a magnificent achievement, rainbow only two years.

the past two years, micro business hot on the occasion, the rainbow WeChat has been a lot of training as a classic case of Amway in various classroom "".

recently, rainbow released 2015 earnings report, the annual operating income of 17 billion 396 million yuan, an increase of 2.34%; net profit of 1 billion 208 million yuan, up jumped 124.44%. Near WeChat’s rainbow on the road, on the transformation of the Internet to

?This is not the case with


Guozihao think rainbow as the pace of transformation of the Internet, will tell the story of

The full name of "

Rainbow Rainbow Department Store Limited by Share Ltd, founded in 1984, in 2010 listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. It is a state-owned holding Sino foreign joint venture department store, the controlling shareholder of China Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China aviation industry group, a subsidiary of the central state-owned holding.


is the second largest shareholder of Wulong trade limited company, holding 29.03%; the third largest shareholder of Shenzhen city investment and Development Co., Ltd., shares accounted for 2.46%. So far, the rainbow has been in the country has 37 branches, 231 stores (including 166 convenience stores).

have Guozihao background rainbow like other members of the board of directors of state-owned enterprises, the average age of nearly 50 years. Is not the same, the majority of state-owned enterprises still busy in-depth reform, Tianhong has begun to try to transition to the internet.

2011, the implementation of the "dual brand strategy": "the rainbow" brand positioning in the high-end department stores, "Jun Shang" brand positioning in the high-end department stores. In addition, this paper puts forward the business model of "visible chain retail business as the core, e-commerce business and brand agency business as the two wings", and the development of "department store + supermarket + home +X".

in 2012, mainly in the "Rainbow transition store network link, the platform construction of information application system to commercial integrated information system (R3) management, customer self promotion, appliance sales, deposit contract management, commodity management and inventory management in the flow.