Ali next stop globalization challenge Amazon

user summary headlines over the weekend to 4 Alibaba listed, Li Na retired, Scotland’s independence referendum failed, Faye Wong Nicholas Tse. And they are interpreted as: the beginning of an era, the end of an era, an era just want to start by the end, a thought over time again! Is Ali listed in the first place, thus its influence.

Beijing time 23:53 on September 19th, after nearly 2.5 hours of waiting, Alibaba officially ushered in the first transaction, the opening price of $92.7. Listed on the first day closing price of $93.89, the issue price of $68 rose $25.89, or up to 38.07%. As a founder, now Ma to 8.9% stake in Ali to enjoy the market capitalization of $14 billion 900 million, to $21 billion 200 million of the total net assets to become the richest man in the mainland, he sold a stake of about $867 million through IPO sold. Although Ma said only that, has never considered the richest man, and even the richest man do not want to do." Since the listing is only the beginning, then Ali’s next starting point where


officially landed in New York stock exchange in the Alibaba, its global ambition is self-evident; since then, its competitors will not only be a domestic electricity supplier website, including business originator eBay and amazon.

internationalization for Alibaba is not a strange proposition. As early as the beginning of the establishment of Alibaba, Ma will be positioned as a global service B2B website.

September 15th, Ma roadshow in Hongkong, Alibaba pointed out that the company’s goal is to become an international company, the next will be vigorously developed in Europe and america.

September 19th, Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi also revealed in the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the Alibaba after the listing of the first thing to do is to implement the wireless business, e-commerce business. "And then into some new areas, including the expansion of the market. In addition, there will be some international strategic landing."

in fact, in recent years, Alibaba has been expanding the international market, in France, Australia, Singapore and Italy and other countries, with the local government and logistics providers signed a series of agreements.

, however, how to integrate these resources and to produce a chemical reaction, become the biggest problem in front of the Alibaba.

domestic revenue accounted for 80%

daily economic news reporter learned in New York, the local people do not know the specific business of Alibaba. A Chinese students told reporters, because there was a time, including Youku (18.79, -0.49, -2.54%) many domestic websites,, are not open, so most of the time or some local sites in the United States on the purchase of goods.

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