B2C development trend of adult products

regional expansion. The main vertical B2C online retail manufacturers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou to consolidate the core city market at the same time, to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as the core to neighboring economic developed region and other large and medium-sized city radiation expansion.

expand the product category, to extend the product line. For the needs of the target population, rich product categories, to extend the product line, and gradually formed a vertical product area of integrated B2C services.

more in-depth cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers. With the vertical B2C online retail manufacturers consumption scale gradually expanded, and further deepen the relationship between the upper part of the industrial chain, in the game with the manufacturers and suppliers will have a more active position, directly affect the upstream industry chain.

more and more participants in the market segments, market competition will gradually enter the stage of price competition, the profitability of each vendor will decline, but also to drive the manufacturers to pay more attention to the improvement of the service.

market size expands rapidly. Adult products vertical B2C online retail sector has developed rapidly, their respective areas of sales and market share are greater than the integrated B2C online retail manufacturers.

strong profitability. Vertical B2C online retail specialization is higher, the distribution of regional differences, price competition is not fierce, single product profit is higher, the main vertical B2C online retailers are in a state of profitability. However, with the increasing number of vertical B2C manufacturers, the market has gradually entered the stage of price competition, profitability will be reduced.

regional strong. Most vertical B2C online retailers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other online shopping penetration, purchasing power, the logistics industry developed central city as the core, and focus on the development of their respective areas.

multi-channel sales. More vertical B2C online retail manufacturers to use the online business and mail order, the next line of business combination, and focus on the development of website, the formation of a more mature multi channel sales model.

increasingly fierce market competition. Integrated B2C online retailers to rapidly expand 3C, maternal and child supplies, such as higher margin merchandise category, the vertical B2C online retail manufacturers are also actively expanding, increasingly fierce market competition.

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