Beautiful said’s transformation after the first double 11 who sell more


] November 13th news billion state power network, have the transformation of its own B2C mall shopping guide website said beauty, has just experienced a double eleven "baptism", for the first time to play eleven of their victories? Billion state power network respectively to the official about the situation.

it is understood that this year’s double eleven, beautiful and have chosen to lengthen the front of the way to increase the user’s active time, but also to ease the time to bring too much pressure on the system. Among them, the beautiful said the double eleven since November 10th 20, until November 11th 24, a total of 28 hours; promotion front longer, from the beginning of November 10th 0, until November 12th 24, a total of 72 hours.

beautiful said the official state power grid, the within 28 hours of total turnover exceeded 570 million, mobile client orders accounted for 80.4%, achieve the goal of excess. In addition, the data provided also show that in the eleven activities, the beauty said there are more than 100 business turnover of millions, of which the turnover of the business of 3 exceeded the number of 5 million.

and because the eleven activities have not yet ended,’s total transaction data can not be informed. However, provides its to billion state power network from November 10th to November 11th 24 data. According to its sources, the total turnover of in eleven days before the promotion of more than two in the total turnover of more than 337 million, the proportion of mobile terminal turnover remained stable at more than 75%.

public information, November 10th 0 am,’s platform turnover in a flash blowout growth. Just over 20 minutes, the actual payment of the total order of success has exceeded 10 million, not after 12 noon, this figure once again exceeded 50 million, the same day at 22:23 in the evening, completed the goal of 100 million yuan in advance, the mobile terminal transactions accounted for more than 78.03%, the average customer price exceeded 250 yuan.

addition, the turnover of 337 million, the largest contribution to the Guangzhou women, accounting for more than 13% of the total turnover, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, the user’s contribution refers to tied for the proportion of 9%.

According to

billion state power network to understand, after the transition to the double eleven, beautiful and are "pretty fight," said one of the beautiful in eleven opened Korea South channel, sent more than one hundred fashion outfit buyers, choose and buy fashion dress in Korea local, limited direct promotion activities. While is in a double and eleven on the eve of Alipay "reset", provides a new channel for users to pay.