11 city free Tmall supermarket where service Shanghai their first night delivery

online shopping package Tingri is so capricious

– 11 city consumers enjoy free Tmall supermarket where service

Shanghai their first night delivery

online shopping address home or unit? "" to "" wrapped in the end when? Put fresh property bad? "– called" the problem of online shopping chop hand family most tangled.

December 8th, Tmall announced a free supermarket, "where" service in the 11 national city officially launched, and in two Su Zhejiang city pilot night even distribution, eight at night can also express door-to-door service. The service provided by the rookie network logistics technology support, the use of intelligent devices to express the plug wings, so that consumers online shopping department becomes arbitrary.

typical demand — chop hand heart plug

live in the suburbs of Ms. Wang to work in the city, rely on basic household purchasing online supermarket, is a hardcore chop hand family". But no one at home during the day of receipt, the package can only put the property, the evening had dragged the body tired to carry the box upstairs, how can a heart stopper.

Ms. Wang

such consumers in the Tmall supermarket customer groups are very typical: women than men, office workers accounted for more than 50%, more than 60% of the family burdened with consumer demand. At the same time, consumers buy milk and other large grain and oil more, choose to use the post collection ratio is 3 times as many other categories. It is necessary therefore to parcel delivery, "where" service plan surfaced.

free Tingri – "willful" parcel

, for example, want to buy a supermarket department store on Wednesday, buyers can be specified on a single Saturday home." Tmall supermarket responsible person, "where" service allows consumers the freedom to choose delivery time, but also enhance the delivery efficiency, optimize the allocation of logistics resources.

it is understood that the electricity supplier industry is the only free transit cat supermarket "where" service life department platform. Express delivery service is bound to increase the cost of personnel and costs. However, Tmall did not increase the number of employees, but also did not charge any fees, this is how to do it?

smart devices – the secret behind the package

original, Tmall supermarket service upgrade behind, relying on Alibaba [micro-blog] rookie logistics provide technical support. "Intelligent warehouse" and "small APP" is a rookie to express industry representative products to enhance the optimization, through smart devices and mobile phone software hardware and software two aspects, to ensure the realization of "where" service demand.

on the one hand, through the implementation of intelligent rookie intelligent warehouse stocking and selling of goods in accordance with the classification, try to improve automatic driving robot order picking speed using Google glasses [micro-blog], at the same time, reduce the labor intensity of workers. On the other hand, rookie joint distribution service provider is app distribution in Shanghai, in fact, when the parcel query monitoring, the first time > sign