Waste joint CEO system, adjust the organizational structure, the public comment on the U.S.

Wang Xing served as CEO, chairman of transferred to

everything is just beginning, the internal business and the team has a lot of work to do, external competition is still fierce,

and with almost all of the same case, the fate of the problem since the founder of the U.S. group and the public comment announced the merger day suffering from attention.

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on the evening of November 10, 2015, the public comment CEO Zhang Tao and the United States Mission Network CEO Wang has issued an internal staff letter. Business Week / Chinese version of the internal staff from the two companies received the two internal letters, which revealed the merger of the new company’s personnel adjustment: Wang Xing served as CEO, Zhang Tao transferred to the chairman. This means that the merger was announced by "Co CEO system" was destroyed, Zhang Tao and Wang Xing will play different roles in the new company, the former focus on strategy, which is focused on execution.

Wang Xing in the internal letter describes the company’s new organizational structure, the new company will be set up:

5 business groups: platform business group, to the restaurant catering business group, to the store integrated business group, the hotel tourism business group, takeaway delivery business group

1 subsidiaries: opal film, a wholly owned subsidiary of

6 platforms: advertising platform, customer service platform, technical engineering and basic data platform, strategy and enterprise development platform, financial platform, human resources and service platform

above all the organization department executives from the United States Mission and the public comment. Among them, Zheng Zhihao served as president of the public comment platform business group responsible person, meituan COO dry Garvey and public comment COO Lv Guangyu was appointed to the shop catering business group responsible person and to store the comprehensive business group responsible person, takeaway business group by the vice president of the U.S. Wang Huiwen responsible for.

but also in the afternoon of November 10th, in a letter to employees, Zhang Tao recalls the brotherhood and announced two executives stand together through storm and stress, "retirement". "This letter BusinessWeek / Chinese version" obtained from the office of internal staff revealed that two retired executives, who is the co-founder of public comment Li Jing, he is Zhang Tao’s high school students, in 2005 to join the public comment; the other is a public comment on the chief service officer Wang Yu, he is also the first public comment angel investors. Zhang Tao did not account for their retirement after the letter.

Zhang Tao said: "the new company at the new starting point of history". Wang Xingyong ‘marriage’ of life is an important step to describe this change, he wrote, "has just begun, internal business team and have a lot of work to do, external competition is still fierce, fast changing market, risk and opportunity."

as of press time, the public comment and the U.S. mission network has not yet released an open comment on the adjustment. Author / Zhou Qiongyuan