Shop platform transparent concise importance

he was engaged in this industry, have their own understanding of the e-commerce, talk about the importance of the construction of network platform for transparency! You may have experienced, three QQ, three full page Wangwang, chat window, busy is warm when

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shop, shop is not on QQ, want to replace face-to-face communication and exchange between reality and the finger? As if the network is not like chat, chat will not have business, which is now a domestic small and medium-sized enterprises of electronic commerce, the status quo of network understanding, relatively low levels of understand, so most of the time they spent, chatting, instead of spending in the channel construction, the development of the platform at this level.

I wonder if the product description, sales policy, business philosophy and brand culture propaganda in place, how can the customer do not know about you? How would there be so many questions to ask? Now small wholesale clothing site operation group clothing, every day there are thousands of IP if everyone in the shop, the first thought is not clear, looking for customer service to ask, then I would like to ask how many customer service, customer service will help to what extent, and orders will ask with frequent and in proportion to the growth, may not is an absolute thing, but in fact now, the number of full-time staff jackets. Before 6, it can operate normally. Because in the platform above, we spent a lot of effort, including the customer shopping guide, shopping help details, membership system, integral system, and some necessary information and so on, are in the shop up to do the corresponding links, so customers come in, one can understand nothing need to go to the customer service, there are real needs of customers, in the further understanding of the only choice for customer service, this may be a more efficient way. Save more time.

so, if the platform construction is very clear, so that customers can enter your home platform full understanding of your business and products to the customer, then, why do you ask? Customer problems, it is not just that you there are serious shortcomings in the product description and policy propaganda? So, the network marketing to "self-service", do not pay attention to customer service manual. The order will not be lost with the customer service at a glance. Why don’t we choose the latter when we save our manpower to the greatest extent?