Entrepreneurs should be careful how to choose partners!

The "shock" from the

company has nearly half the time, before describing the incident, to review their own: "a lot of people start to blame for the failure of the people around them, in fact, the root problem is most entrepreneurs themselves". After six months of calm, today decided to write this article. The purpose is not to write out what (I hope I can Hold live music fan, but ~) hope to his own experience to share with you how to choose business partners, and how to deal with the relationship between business partners.

1. The first mistake I made.

my business is hasty, in order to get their angel investment bawanggengshanggong company, opening up began looking for business partners. Now this is my first mistake. Good business partners should be slowly explore in their life and work, and should not be opened up after the company rushed from their list for.

music fan experience: business partners and employees, should be determined before the company opened their own business partner, or in the company after the opening, in their own employees or contact people slowly looking for.

two. The second mistake I made.

I finally find a business partner is my high school classmates, in fact I was on this man is not sure, but because of eager people, and he then worked in Japanese enterprises (at the time that he should be a hard-working man), or recruit his occupation. But let me never thought that I was not able to find a complementary partner and their partners, but a very promising, do what you can not eat what not enough things. This should go hand in hand, work together two people, but I became his parents.

I remember that every day I remind him to work hard, to give him to do ideological work every day, to take care of his feeling every day, to encourage him every day, every day to give him to eat and drink well. This is not enough, I will help them in the economic life, take care of him. I suddenly found that I seemed to be his nanny. It is important, if I can let him pay these efforts or not, but in the end he is still not good, just like the company as a hotbed for his laziness. Clearly said not to vent, but still can not help. Anyway, this is my own making, who himself was to find such a worthless thing)

music fan experience: looking for business partners to deliberate, identify this person and they have common values, and can be with their complementary. For example, you have the money, he has technology, which is a complementary; you temper, he calm, which is also a complementary.

three. Third mistakes I made – indecisive when decision is needed.

my partner seems to see my good temper over the next year