On the profit model of blog website

Talk about profit model blog — on "blog" magazine bland

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I see on the blog without bad mouthing remarks on the profit model of gas, obviously a promising new things, but in some IT critics pen dead, just by some incompetent will be able to profit project management yaosibuhuo. So, no profit model from the blog blog was born today began to sing.


all the articles agreed that the blog is born with the blog profit model, much more viscous than the Web1.0 era of user groups, the theory is not likely to lose in a traditional website, not actual operation. Unfortunately, the Chinese blog has no economic strength to prove. This paper attempts to explore the "blog" the operation of the failure of the magazine, and hope to have a common research enthusiasts to learn from each other, help each other, thank you!

"blog" Journal of the operation failure is obviously the big wind, rain, now almost disappeared, at least I see bookstall difficult in this book. The first time we saw the launch of the blog, we were also surprised because we had been planning in our business plan. But when I got the "blog" magazine, I know, the first blog magazine may be ruined, destroyed not only magazine, and denied the IT industry and investment on the "blog" magazine, more important is the risk of the investment community is not recognized on the "blog" magazine, is brought about by the absurd argument no profit model of blog.

The failure of

‘s blog magazine, as a magazine publisher, clearly knows why. No analysis of user groups, do not know the needs of readers is the root of blog magazine failed, "blog" magazine should not is a literary, artistic, abstracts of journals, from the most basic position is wrong, also talk about profit, where there is so much money to give to you earn


profit model of the project, make operating without the ability of people to operate, such as: the operation of a roadside restaurant, this hotel is a 10 year old signs, business is booming, now transferred to you over, this is absolutely the profit model, but in your hands, you can not guarantee to this hotel business? The answer is unknown, it is likely that you can not continue to operate, so many reasons. Mature profit model, the key lies in the need for a good management personnel.

of course, the above example seems very bothersome, but in fact the truth status and blog profit model did not like


hopes the naysayers, a lot of research on blog profit model, or to think about how to manage an economic entity, rather than bad mouthing the blog every day. Blog will be profitable, you have to see the ability to