mplementation of a number of laws and regulations online shopping does not represent the approval o

today, a number of laws and regulations related to people’s livelihood, such as the beginning of the implementation of standards. Such as drinking water health standards will be the implementation of the new national standard, the national unified code so that consumers no longer "volume", identify the authenticity of organic food is more convenient.

– the new national standard of drinking water to enforce

version of the "drinking water health standards" will be "monitoring index of drinking water increased from 35 to 106 at the same time, also focus on strengthening the detection of heavy metal arsenic, lead, chromium and other types of indicators, in order to ensure the safety of drinking water.


– organic products with new logo

in the past, organic food is often the business itself, but whether it is true, but let consumers "smoke and mirrors". Today, the domestic production of all organic products will be unified use of the new logo. The new logo contains an organic code, regulators can be traced back to the product from the vegetable to all aspects of the final retailer, people can also through a unified organic code query they buy products really organic products.

– to curb excessive packaging has clearly stipulated

modified today in implementation of cleaner production promotion law to curb excessive packaging made clear: product design and packaging, the preference should be non-toxic, harmless and easy to degrade and easy recycling schemes. The packaging of the product shall be reasonable, the packaging material, structure and cost shall be in conformity with the quality, specification and cost of the product, reduce the production of packaging waste, and shall not be over packaged.

– for the first time that electronic payment transactions

online shopping has become a high incidence of consumer disputes. The "interpretation" of the Supreme People’s Court on the application of law in contract cases today formally implemented, the first clear explanation: electronic information products delivered to the right certificate shall prevail, that online shopping consumers sign the receipt, not representative of the quality of the goods were recognized, consumers can still raise objections to the quality of the goods in within a reasonable time, the court may support the demands of consumers, as for which party responsibility, need to look at the specific contract.

– the first vehicle occupant restraint system for children

China’s "motor vehicle occupant restraint system," the official implementation of the national standard today, which is China’s first national mandatory standards for motor vehicle child seat restraint device. It will be introduced and implemented, to monitor and promote the automobile production and child safety seat.

– 6 type commutation parole case hearing must be

day before the Supreme People’s Court issued the "Supreme People’s Court on handling commutation, parole provisions on Several Issues Concerning Application of law case". At this stage, the people are more strongly reflected, the higher the degree of social concern, judicial practice is also prone to problems of the 6 types of commutation, parole cases, must be hearing. These 6 cases are: because criminals have major meritorious service for commutation; "