The traditional express dissatisfaction with the electricity supplier logistics industry association

originally as a downstream industry chain electricity supplier and the courier industry is not only cross each other, where customers, Jingdong (micro-blog) and other expensive mall layout of logistics warehousing, more reverse into the electricity supplier sf. Although the electricity supplier SF temporarily not as strong competitors, but the traditional express enterprises have expressed dissatisfaction with the electricity supplier "work" and hope that industry associations can make the restrictions on electricity.

Yuantong express

(micro-blog) is the representative of President Yu Weijiao, firmly opposed to self logistics business enterprise, he believes that such a cross-border electricity supplier and express industry are easy to cause confusion. I hope the post office and Courier Association to introduce relevant regulations to prohibit electricity supplier companies to enter the logistics industry."

has this requirement not only a ripeness, according to informed sources, there have been several courier companies to the post office, Chinese express association made a similar request, but the relevant departments have not any action.

, after all, we need to follow the laws of the market, why other industries can not do express logistics, such a request is ridiculous." Electricity supplier industry sources said. Caused the express industry is the fundamental reason for dissatisfaction with the interests, according to the information disclosed by the media, the Jingdong plans to do this year turnover of 60 billion, the company plans to turnover is 10 billion, this is a huge cake.

public information display, including Jingdong mall, shop No. 1, where a large number of B2C vertical electric, are facing financial pressure, still grind invested logistics construction layout.

with the biggest Jingdong in the mall for example, this year is the large-scale investment in logistics for third years, also spend most of the year, is expected to invest 35-36 billion yuan, including land, property and equipment procurement.

In fact, the fact that

is not an easy thing to do for the electricity supplier companies, especially in the capital of the winter, the huge investment in logistics and even make their high cost, not profitable.

why do we insist on vice president of China Express Association, Dava, electricity providers to do a logistics enterprise can not choose".

Dawa pointed out that the courier industry after 2009 have a clear legal status, encountered many problems and difficulties in the development of. "Now we have to solve is that there is no problem, the next step is not good."

fact, the development of the courier industry is seriously lagging behind the electricity supplier industry, the high rate of complaints, such as violent sorting, items were lost, was replaced, courier delays later, claims rights difficult. It is also at the expense of the user, the focus on playing the service brand electricity supplier can not stand.

"Although we

the third party logistics has not much, but the user for the third party logistics the complaint rate is still not high, the user experience is very important for us, is the core competitiveness, if the third party logistics can meet the requirements, why we do not save money not.