Online takeaway into the quagmire of competition is a double-edged sword

background brawl occurred during the conflict and even kill malicious competitors App and push employees…… Online takeaway development, the emergence of more and more competition caused by the impact of market order. Online takeaway has been circulating in 2015 is the online takeaway industry pattern finally formed a year, successful Chengren "point of view, therefore, in order to seize more market share, avoid reshuffle period is eliminated, from online to offline subsidies contracted merchants, online takeaway platform increasingly intense competition. In the industry view, continue to bring crazy competition vicious events are still likely to occur again.

platform competition often upgrade

days ago, the Beijing Daily reporter received an e-mail, which refers to the United States Mission answers community know almost broke the takeaway in the background malicious blocking competitors App, America group responsible for takeout vice president Wang Huiwen to respond personally to apologize, that code since 2014, but he said it was "a former employee." the purpose is to facilitate the business connection, Bluetooth printing machine to print a U.S. small ticket hobson".

on the previous day, the Beijing Daily reporter saw in the Q & a community know almost a "how to evaluate the U.S. businesses strong kill rival businesses the App process?" article, published by a programmer tone, the programmer said it found that after decompile dozens of O2O App, a U.S. Merchant Android version, there is a background operation process permission to kill. An in-depth understanding of the discovery, the permissions are aimed at the United States to take out competitors hungry it, public comment, Amoy little and Baidu takeaway App.

in this regard, many commentators said that the online takeaway platform competition has intensified, some vicious competition means also appeared. A few days before the incident, the United States Mission Network and the public comment on the staff had been fighting because of competition. For a time, online takeaway platform vicious competition in the industry has become a hot topic.

, according to a team in the United States and the network of hungry work staff said, whether it is fighting or setting permissions in the background, are caused by competition and pressure. Last year, the United States and the United States have been hungry network employees have repeatedly occurred in the process of fighting in the ground, the root cause is the conflict between the two sides in the process of pulling the merchant line.

grab businesses to strengthen the share of

industry generally believe that the reason for the frequent occurrence of vicious incidents of competition, strengthen the occupation, to seize the market is the core purpose. Each quarter and even every month online takeaway platform development statistics released, and competition between platforms from the same period of different data can also be seen one or two.

enfodesk recently released "2015 first quarter Chinese Internet takeaway food market report" shows that the hungry in the whole city accounted for 40.07% of the U.S. rate ranks first, followed by 34.2%, Baidu entered the market late. Get a 8.65% share, and Amoy little market share fell to 4.7>