Consumers tips online shopping moon cake need to be cautious, special effect not gullible September 24 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Luo Jie) Mid Autumn Festival moon cake is the indispensable food festival, Liaoning province Consumers Association issued 24 consumer tips: online shopping moon cake need to be cautious, do not believe in "special effects" moon cake.

online shopping is becoming one of the main channels for young consumers to buy moon cake. Some electronic business platform launched the so-called sugar free health care and other special moon cake. CaseTrust tips, although some of the use of low sugar moon cake raw materials, labeling containing nutrients, but in fact, not sugar free, its claims of health care can not talk about. Special labels are mainly to attract the attention of consumers to avoid being gorgeous pictures and online advertising by the blind.

in addition, it is difficult to ensure a good shipping environment due to the mailing process, may lead to deterioration of moon cake. Consumers Association suggested that consumers in the express delivery, carefully check the date of production of the moon cake, shelf life, manufacturers and whether the deterioration, and then sign the receipt.

association suggested that consumers are better in large shopping malls, supermarkets and pastry shops to buy moon cake, try not to in the street, the street vendors to buy moon cake market. Should try to choose less additives, short shelf life of moon cake, do not buy the three noes products.