Ma Yun it takes time to knock off the fake

the Internet is changing the global business and trade, the world calls for a new thinking of globalization, small and medium-sized enterprises should seize the next 20 years, a new round of opportunities brought by globalization, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma 21, told Xinhua News Agency reporters interview as saying.

Ma Yun, in the enjoyment of the Russian "Davos forum" said the St Petersburg international economic forum. After the forum, he accepted an interview in Moscow, for small and medium-sized enterprises to grasp the opportunities of globalization, a new round of Alibaba expressed their views in the Russian business development, China government support the development of cross-border electricity supplier and purify the electricity supplier environmental issues.

globalization creates new opportunities and calls for new thinking

Ma Yun said in an interview that the world is calling for a new global thinking. A new round of globalization followed the new rules of the game, more fair, more transparent, more free.

he called for the promotion of small and medium enterprises to communicate, so that SMEs can grasp the development opportunities in the next 20 years, so that they can buy the world, global sell, so that consumers have more choices. "20 years ago, you cannot imagine the Russians can buy goods from the China small city, or Filipinos from Argentina online shopping. The Internet makes the world at your fingertips, "said ma.

Ma Yun at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum under the framework of "dialogue" and the outstanding figures of the special activities, published "from information technology to data technology: a new era of business and trade" keynote speech. In his speech, he said that in the next 20 years, Global trade should focus on small businesses, so the establishment of a global small business trading institutions.

help small and medium enterprises in Russia to the world

Ma Yun said that Russia is a huge market can not be ignored, there should be a long-term development thinking. Russia’s economy is now facing challenges, the arrival of foreign companies will inject vitality into its economy, this time into the Russian market will be greatly welcomed. Alibaba is preparing to increase investment in Russia, technology.

as a representative of Chinese entrepreneurs, Ma attended the meeting on behalf of 19 Russian President Putin and entrepreneurs. Ma Yun also met with the Russian Federation of communications and mass media minister ·, Nicky, Fu Fu, economic development minister, chief executive officer of the Russian Federation post, Mr., Mr. Stella J Andrianof, Nicola.

Russian communications and mass media, said Alibaba’s desire to expand its business in Russia to provide a huge opportunity for SMEs in Russia to supply goods to China and even global customers in this platform.

Chinese government supports cross-border electricity supplier inspirational

Ma Yun said in an interview, China’s State Council recently issued on the promotion of the healthy and rapid development of cross-border e-commerce guidance (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") inspiring". He said: "I think the Chinese government here to show a strong attitude, which is the public entrepreneurship, innovation is a non -"