Mobile nternet e-commerce money path

no one dare underestimated the mobile Internet market Chinese, from 2G to 3G, the mobile operators must continuously enhance the highway service, in order to bring a new growth point. At the end of 2009, Google spent $750 million acquisition of mobile phone advertising network company AdMob, hoping to further to the mobile phone advertising market expansion, and for AdMob founder Omar · hamoui (Omar Hamoui), he sold the company and not for money, but I hope to get a better development platform.

but Google China is not happy. Because in the Chinese market, its market share is only 40%, ranked the last of the world’s top five. The reason is not only because of the China, Google has a strong local rival Baidu, because it is in the Chinese market, Internet advertising is not only a form of the search, but also includes a variety of image advertising and Product placement. And there are forecasts that in the next 3~5 years, the Internet community will become a new word of mouth advertising revenue growth.

International Advertising Association director Michael · a recent study shows that Lee, now the Internet online advertising is becoming more and more diversified, among which there is competition, there are also strategic cooperation, "to China as an example, the interaction of implantable or Internet advertising accounted for about 60%, accounting for 40% of the search."

however, Star Media Group (Starcom MediaVest) chief digital officer, social marketing group director Pushkar Sane believes that in the world, China, many online advertising there are many blind planning, very limited many intermediaries or advertisers can get data, restricting the advertising plan.

not only that, there are a lot of interference advertising on the site, so that users can not be a fair and legitimate way to get the data, leading advertisers to spend more and then forced communication.

for Chinese consumers, online service model is increasingly accepted by them, because they will continue to try new things, once the online service is not good, it is difficult to impress them. In addition through the social network of friends in this way is more and more popular, and in the social activities, people generally through the media to communicate with each other, which makes Chinese online advertising is the highest utilization rate in entertainment, advertising and video.

, however, the new technologies and models of Internet advertising in different countries and regions are hard to replicate.

is not difficult to imagine, Google’s acquisition of AdMob, is to further monopoly in the mobile Internet search engine, "a lot of companies advertising on the mobile Internet, the purpose is to increase the electronic commerce part of the new profit point." Benjamin, assistant professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, ·, said Mr. Edelman.

"I’m not too worried that Google’s acquisition of AdMob will lead to greater profitability, at least in recent years,"