The reasons and solutions of the new business

problem 1: do not have enough time to shop

no shop in Taobao, always feel shop time-saving worry, in Taobao, in fact, a lot of Amoy friends said in a Taobao shop more tired than to open the store, but also worry about, so it is not good time! That is really a big problem! There are customers to see, you don’t in may go, what a pity! Most of the problems occurred in the part-time sellers who, like me.

solutions and remedies:

1, people can not online, try to keep the boot, want to keep online, and set the automatic reply, automatic reply: the main business areas, including the recent promotions, your contact, telephone, mobile phone, qq. mail, MSN and so on. So the guest you are interested, maybe it will collect your baby and shops etc. you come back oh.

2, try to keep online in traffic big time, online is too important to remain in customer traffic primetime, customer traffic that people really buy things at this stage the most, the turnover probability is also the largest! According to time statistical Taobao statistics customer flow is the largest 14: 00–17:00 and 19:00–22:00, as far as possible in the two a period of time online Oh! Remember!

3, you want the state or " I have an empty "? If yes, quick change! Change your promotional activities, your contact information and so on! Click the landing – change my status, set the state information! As I changed into a special offer; 51 promotions, Taobao the most cheap bargain! Hello, my lover Welcome dim


these methods may be able to remedy some of the losses Oh!

problem two: Shop propaganda is not enough


shop is said to have 50 million, you shop in Taobao is equivalent to a drop in the ocean, if you do not pay attention to publicity, commodity and not unique, is almost submerged in the vast sea Amoy, it is difficult for buyers to search to your shop, no one, naturally no business


my store promotion is used to get in by every opening here and share with the propaganda method.

1, the first time to tell the family, all the relatives, all my friends, all my classmates, all my colleagues, all know, downstairs canteen aunt can also tell ah, maybe these people are your potential customers well, more importantly, they can give you advice and inspiration to Oh perhaps, a friend of a friend of a friend in a certain factory sales department, it is not too good! Oh, my method is in my QQ signature changed my Taobao store, Welcome!. in all my group to send this message. The second step into the alumni and will this message in the alumni on top, everyone can see! The third step, QQ open space, upload my merchandise and store information, ha ha ha, not.