A new model of B2C diamond industry started running out of wedding season

online shopping ring by what so cheap? Xi’an merchants use shop + experience shop business booming, low cost of rent and service shops, naked drilling is the main cause of cheap price.

into the wedding season, diamond market competition intense diffuse smoke. The weight of 20 I-J, SI, EX color, clarity of high-grade diamond cut, in stores and street stores at least to sell more than 6000 yuan, but on the net only 1999 yuan, and can provide certificate of quality assurance. Recently, we found that the impact of the financial crisis this year, many couples have to save money, choose to buy diamonds in this way. Why so cheap online shopping diamond ring? – customization experts interpreted as you do a beautiful orchid ancient.

experience store diamond ultra low cost

on the road high tech Zone of Xi’an science and Technology City Plaza No. 37 Starfish (The Point Inn & Suites) A room 1615, we find that here both bare diamond or mosaic diamond prices than downstairs Street stores and department store counters of the low price of 30% to about 70%. The salesman said, all shops have adopted the bare drill direct sales model, from the factory by Guli LAN Guli LAN getting goods directly, then skip the middle layers of the one or two agents, and store sales, direct delivery to consumers. And all the jewelry store are equipped with bare diamond GIA certificate and inlaid certificate, can guarantee the quality and value of customer service, professional service.

"our shop rent, labor costs, decoration shops are much lower than traditional, sold to us this price, by the amount of walking. E-commerce help, save a lot of store rent, renovation costs, personnel management and other operating costs, for customers to bring professional, value, convenient new purchasing experience." Guli LAN general manager told us so. So consumers can fully agree with this model of online shopping diamond for this we do a small survey:

discussion posts: diamond sales network, we will go to buy it?

users work work: of course the purple night doll ah, my wedding ring is in the online ordering, 0.3 carat, full price more than 3 thousand cheaper than shopping malls, high quality and inexpensive, support!

friends nan to the statement: online shopping is often played, but the diamond products are worried, mainly do not know the diamonds on the Internet is true! Can arrive in time, after all, things are not cheap!

& ° 3: God of this form abroad is very common, I will compare before buying, there is no problem if the quality, price and suitable, the Why not?!

users: Jolie meow: network shopping convenience, save shopping time and energy, but also a lot cheaper, after careful comparison and understanding I still have to grasp can distinguish assured shopping website.

it can be seen that there are still a variety of concerns about the consumer e-commerce model.

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