Dedicated to the new owners on the domain name knowledge summary

here are some common sense:

international and domestic domain name and domain name specific deletion time

international domain name status Active: normal

The suspension of

Registry-hold: Registration Bureau, domain name resolution, not normal use, can be renewed;

Registry-lock: Registry lock, domain analysis, normal use, can not be changed, can be renewed;

Registrar-hold: registrar pause, stop parsing, not normal use, can be renewed;

Registrar-lock: registrar lock, can be used normally, can not change, transfer;

Redemptionperiod: the repayment period, domain expired by the registrar for deletion of domain name, the domain name into the repayment period, repayment period of 30 days is not working, but you can pay a redemption fee ($40) or into the recovery domain, delete

Pendingretore: domain name to enter the repayment period, by the registrar for recovery after payment into the recovery period, submit a report after the domain name can be restored to normal.

Pendingdelete: domain name 30 days after the repayment period into the deletion of the 5 day, delete the period does not allow other people to register, this status indicates that the domain name is about to be released.

Inactive: domain name is not resolved, can not be used normally. DNS is generally due to the domain name does not fill in, or fill in the incomplete caused by the need to fill in at least 1 DNS in order to properly resolve.

Status: clientTransferprohibited domain name prohibit the transfer of

Status: clientDeleteprohibited domain name to delete

Status: clientUpdateProhibited domain name to update

state of the domestic domain name:

Active: normal state. DNS is normal, can be changed, can be transferred;

Ok: normal state. Domain renewal success;

Pendingtransfer: transfer status. Has been transferred to the application by the new registrar, waiting for the original registrar agreed to turn out operation. This state cannot change any information, but DNS is normal.

Inactive: abnormal state. Indicates that the domain name is not resolved, can not be used properly. PendingDelete: wait for deletion status. Show that the domain name has arrears, stop parsing. This state is retained for 15 days from the expiration date. Super >