B2B electricity supplier usher in a new life the influx of capital commodity rise

[Abstract] from the beginning of last year, tourism, iron and steel, logistics and other areas of electricity providers B2B frequent access to financing.


Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on July 25th

they used to be China Internet industry rich handsome, today they are still no attention in the corner quietly contributed more than 80% market share of the electricity supplier industry, they are once claimed to be "hard to force B2B.

Two years before the fall of

, at the B2B summit in Quanzhou, the counter attack of the words can be seen everywhere, this may feel regret. To know that in the prehistoric era of business China, heroes full name B2B chiefs, whether the Alibaba or the Dunhuang net, they have been in the industry in a certain time, is considered to be a leader. It is in the fall of that year, data show that B2B website membership renewal rate most of the data is less than 70%, a record low.


but from the beginning of last year, tourism, logistics and other areas of B2B steel, electricity providers frequently obtain financing, the spotlight of capital value also let B2B industry back to the stage: the old B2B hc360.com website launched two consecutive B2B field acquisition, so as to integrate the industry chain downstream, and said it would continue to look for investment the opportunity in B e-commerce, online transactions, the financial sector in the Alibaba; 1688 on-line purchase mall, and strive to build the B2B market; Jingdong is also involved in the enterprise procurement, to enter the field of B2B.

in order to find steel mesh, plastic and plastic exchange represented by a number of new B2B electricity supplier, is also playing a more important role in the industry, B2B is ushering in a new.

veterans silently hide

and B2C companies are more likely to be familiar to consumers, B2B because of the enterprise is not familiar to consumers. The general sense of the B2B site is to provide enterprises with e-commerce platform between enterprises, which is to provide a platform for information between enterprises and enterprises. For example, a company needs to buy a machine, but just to sell the company B machine, B2B website is to provide the demand side and the supply side of the platform.

looks like this simple transaction model was the pride of China’s electricity supplier.

before and after 2000, the rise of the first generation of B2B platform, Ali charges users after breaking 100 thousand almost every year to the rapid development of the order of magnitude of 100 thousand, the highest when more than 800 thousand. B2B is also a large number of listed enterprises, including Alibaba, HC, the focus of science and technology and so on, this is the most glorious period of traditional B2B. Followed by a number of sites in the vertical segment of the industry to find other opportunities, including the most typical representative of China chemical network, my steel network. This kind of website belongs to the synthesis of the industry