Teach you how to online shopping can not be fooled

never buy sell fine, so in the electronic city longchigunduo land, even if you are old bird is also very difficult to get out, because the JS are really powerful, resorted to various Sunzhao let you a lot of hardware not impossible to guard against, understand students to the electronic city is falling into the trap of JS. The only difference is that you, by which a JS cheat.

is now the era of online shopping, Taobao, pat what product I want is enough you pick, but stay at home, but I’m afraid a lot of people will say, online shopping also have a lot of black JS, but there are many as impossible to guard against, hackers to steal passwords, loss will be greater. I have to say, these estimates are friends once bitten, twice shy of ten years. In fact, there are many ways to ensure that online shopping security, there are a lot of good sellers. The key you want to stay in mind, today I will introduce to you my years of experience in online shopping


1 to install antivirus software, firewall, and often updated

Trojans, viruses are not "joke", they have a purpose, a lot of phishing sites is the use of Trojan virus to spread, some. So it is necessary to install anti-virus software, firewall, and always keep updated.

2 using the official payment platform

shopping in Taobao, you must use Alipay, do not directly from the bank transfer. Although the latter is sometimes convenient, but the payment platform is like an intermediary, it can guarantee the interests of buyers and sellers.

when you have not received the goods and confirm the payment platform in the payment can not be sold by the seller.

3 to pay attention to the seller’s credit

a lot of people know that credit is important, but it doesn’t make sense of credit. In other online shopping platform, you need to look at the store early sales records, whether the sale of the same kind of goods, the shop opened how long (the longer the better). In addition, but also pay attention to the evaluation of other buyers.

4 if you really do not worry can go directly to the direct website, those manufacturers such as DELL, they are doing in this area for many years, has been good, timely service, the price is cheaper, but also have the unconditional return period, the goods are not satisfied can immediately get back.

so, in fact, online shopping is not so complicated, cheap and convenient, and a lot of information on the Internet can be found to go shopping is often due to lack of information. Hope that these experiences are helpful to everyone, the best we can buy cheap affordable good Dongdong! Ha ha!

above is my a little experience, I also made a wood preservative website http://s.fangfumucai.com, hope that friends can go in, and some advice, after watching friends’ opinions in reply to Xie Pengyou’s advice, thanks again.