Do Wangzhuan crooked ways (two)

from the last write articles have been at an interval of two months, met some good webmaster friends during the exchange, some do stand experience, the webmaster exchange group disbanded, because the people are nonsense, chaos.

I QQ 9655241, if you want to ask me questions, please don’t add, if you do have a good flow or do Wangzhuan method to communicate with me, I believe you will not be disappointed. Today continue to write articles on crooked ways do Wangzhuan, brush SP blog.

was the first to find a good SP alliance, on pay, the channel is good, the price is high, can not find the can do this, 7 yuan a registered, if it is not soft, I told him no relatives did not pull the line of commission. Then prepare temptation to register, the temptation is better, a look at the video, you must use the foreign space, a little dew point can also be domestic space, not to say, I do not use the domestic space, the dew point has been closed, but I went to his office, I didn’t go, nor the space ha ha. Sample page, you can do more than this temptation.

well, the basic things ready, and then do the traffic, usually 1000 IP can have at least 10 to register it, a $7 a day income can be. This is a day of 1000IP level, I believe that you have seen before "the website traffic, this IP crooked ways" should not be a problem.

said that this article focuses on the blog to make traffic, step

apply for a blog, Sina, NetEase, the application of a YAHOO, remember when the application name should be "lewd" Avatar, "enough coquettish", then add one or two posts, the same content to temptation, add links to your chain to do the above SP registration page.

two to open the page,, download the inside of the "NetEase" experts "YAHOO space blog roaming roaming" experts "Sina blog experts" are free roaming, and then one by one to install, how to use, I will not say, is the network master, look at their own will.

Wednesday after operation of the three software, respectively, began to wander at night 10 points, computer not a night off for second days, landing SP alliance effect……

written today is relatively simple, but the project is still very good, the same 1000IP is much higher than the income of advertising alliance.

a, do Wangzhuan crooked ways (three) – how large sell no cost of goods. Is how much to sell, how much money, no cost, but also a lot of selling. A few days back behind the first, are willing to look at the Baidu search for "crooked ways to do Wangzhuan (three)"