nternet brand air come To PO

April 27th news, Alibaba group’s Tmall platform has been set up to help businesses listed office to help deal with the listing of the seller platform. Today, the Internet brand Yin man announced that it will also be achieved through this project IPO.


Tmall flagship store

is reported that Tmall has more than 50 companies to start the IPO program, clothing brands, the parent company of the United States of America (hereinafter referred to as the United States) is one of them.

public information, in March 11th last year, listed clothing company search in the special (12.89,0.04,0.31%) to the United States to invest 324 million yuan, was found in the special announcement that the United States will immediately start the A stock listing plan, and submit the listing application before the end of the year. In February this year, the United States said the search in the special, IPO declaration are actively preparing for the end of the first quarter of 2016, is expected to return around.

it is understood that the man is the United States and the United States and the group’s own brand, founded by Fang Jianhua, chairman of the company in 2007. "From the beginning of 2005, we have been growing with Alibaba, from foreign trade to do its own brand foundry. Thank you very much for the Alibaba, give us the opportunity to realize the dream." Fang Jianhua said.

billion state power network learned yesterday, help businesses listed office announced the formal establishment, will help businesses and securities, exchange platform and other already listed or to be listed business enterprise brand communication.


project "lead people" Tmall rules and investment manager Gu Ying said: "we have a rule, if you put to us, such as the interview needs, we will reply within three working days. "Gu Ying said, Ali attach great importance to the platform businesses listed on this matter, will have the relevant financial, legal, data security, business unit together; at the same time combing internal processes, everything becomes effective as soon as possible, to provide one-stop solutions to the business the most powerful support.