Brand marketing why high-end products can be priced so high

remember the "International Herald Tribune" pointed out that "in today’s Chinese, in representing your taste, so what kind of dress is a grade, I believe many people will have the same opinion with me, is you". With the rapid development of Chinese in recent years, produced a number of luxury goods, upstart, brand-name products in droves, China has become the global luxury best-selling country, high-end clothing is also a growing demand. So why do high-end brands can be such a high price, high price is reflected in what areas? Here I will take shuttle men’s French poetry as an example, a brief analysis of the brand clothing in


"French poetry shuttle men’s products are expensive!" this is the first time many people ask about the poetry of the brand. That is why, by understanding the reporter found that "poetry is the rational


brand culture

men’s Chinese French poetry shuttle stationed in a relatively short time, the relative lack of publicity, not enough influence in the country, but as the French classic men’s clothing brand, has a history of over 100 years, the cultural heritage and the profound brand history for many famous big catch it.

brand culture is a way to realize the dream of the meaning of customer brand, is refers to through the establishment of a clear brand positioning, on the basis of the brand positioning, the formation of the audience of the brand identity as highly spiritual use of various internal and external communication channels, thus forming a kind of cultural atmosphere, the formation of a strong customer through this kind of cultural atmosphere of loyalty. With the shuttle poetry insiders said French poetry established by examining men’s shuttle, operating a "line" at the same time, the brand concept extension mode is through the brand concept deeply, gradually innovate and guide new modern urban leisure life attitude, and achieve high customer awareness of the brand


product cost

the domestic garment industry leader B2C – all passengers aged CEO has said, the biggest advantage is that the top garment fabrics, men can drive tens of thousands or even hundreds of yuan price, fabric accounted for a large amount of French poetry shuttle all men’s wear fabrics imported, wear-resistant, soft, comfortable and healthy, it is all the other brands can not be compared the.

The other is

products processing, there is no poetry outsourcing factories in the shuttle China, only to set up their own processing factory, these factories not for other brand clothing processing, make product quality guarantee.

marketing costs

compared to the traditional physical stores, some large electronic business enterprise marketing cost ifheavier, such as portal website home page advertising is the price of hundreds of million yuan one, but also including TV ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, Internet ads and so on, it is blossom everywhere. Of course, I don’t know the poem shuttle with these media is a kind of what kind of cooperation form, because the B2C clothing market martyrs PPG, people still remember, smart poem shuttle, believed to be careful for brand promotion.